Stilettos and Diapers: Lincoln Lately


Lincoln Lately

I thought I'd be a little more on top of blogging at this point, but I forgot how long it takes to type with one hand, while trying to not wake a baby with the other. And y'all, this baby is a sleeper. 
Speaking of sleeper, the new baby life is wearing Callan out, too.  
Lincoln had his first boat outing last weekend. We did a super slow ride and it was a ton of fun. As soon as this rain clears, we'll be out again!
3 week old little man. How cute is this onesie from Best Crafts Ever?
Over the weekend, the NY Mets clinched the NL East division. The Hubs has been a Met fan since birth and I've been since I met him 13 years ago. Their last Worls Series win was in 1988 and the've only been in the playoffs a handful of times since then, so this win is huge! You may see a lot of blue and orange from us in the next couple of weeks...
Sunday mornings are alone time for Lincoln and I while everyone goes to church. We stay in our jammies and watch church from the couch. I've loved the couple times we've done it so far.  
One thing's for sure, these boys love each other. Cooper is smitten with Lincoln and is constantly wanting to hold and kiss him. Lincoln knows big brother's voice and quiets down for him. It's so sweet! 
While suffering New York sports teams are a topic, Linc watched Sunday's Jet game with dad. It wasn't a pretty one, but my boy looks good in gang green!


  1. that pic of Coop and Linc is the sweetest <3 :)

  2. He is so adorable!!! I love it

  3. hes so cute! lakely claims dibs.


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