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Fashion || Game Day Style

I feel like I went into the hospital to have a baby in the summer and when I came out 3 days later, it was fall! After my initial protest of wanting to stay tan, go to the pool and wear sundresses, I am now fully embracing fall. That means it's all coffee, pumpkin everything and most importantly football! 

I was never a big sports fan growing up. My parents were big FSU fans since they went to college there, but I was never into professional football. Once I started dating The Hubs, he brainwashed me into loving all his New York teams. Now raising 3 boys, I've grown to love sports right along with them. I'm a proud boy mom in my gang green for the New York Jets!

I love wearing the team apparel for game day, but I'm not a big fan of a baggy jersey. I found this cute top at and like how it pairs with booties and a patterned top around the waist. (A trend that is great for a 2.5 week postpartum belly, by the way!) I was also glad to find a top that wasn't a sweatshirt, but perfect for the mild North Carolina football season. 

I also grabbed these ponytail holders when I was ordering my shirt. I almost always have one on my arm for if I want to pull my hair up, but these work with the team spirit, too! NFL ponytail holders
Rack Room Shoes Booties
Are you a football fanatic family like ours? Check out for game day gear for the whole family! 


  1. We sure are football fanatics in this house! We're from Maryland, and are huge Ravens fans. (Don't hate.) The whole family, including my 13-month-old, have some sort of Ravens apparel. Whether it be jerseys, hoodies, t-shirts, socks, onesies, or accessories, we have *something* Ravens-wear.

    1. I love it! Well, not the Ravens…:) We have little Jet everything. It's so fun dressing the kids up!

  2. I love this style! It looks so comfy and casual! And you look amazing for just having a baby 2 weeks ago!

  3. So cute! Love the alternative to a jersey. :)


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