Stilettos and Diapers: Behind The Baby Name


Behind The Baby Name

What's in a name? A story of some sort. A character from your favorite tv show. A moment when you saw it in the baby book and just knew. A family name that was always part of the plan.

What's in baby #3's name? A story there, too. See, we were on the fence about the name for quite a while, since it breaks the "C" trend we unintentionally started. We loved the name, but I felt guilty about not using a C name. Would he feel left out? Unloved? Then, I got a couple funny faces when we told people the name we were thinking. From then on, we decided it will be a secret, outside of family and a few close friends. 

It's so hard to name a baby. It has to be a good kid name, but also something that will be good for a grown-up. I want my boys to have respect if they choose to be big corporate guys and not be embarrassed by their very child appropriate name. 

So this way, no one will give their opinions, at least not to our face. Haha. We love the name. Like, really love it. Paired with a family middle name, I couldn't be more confident with our choice. Now since we've gotten things monogrammed and personalized, I'm seeing the name more, of course!

And now I can't wait to share it with you all when he gets here! Which will be 9 days or less. OMG. For now, I'll give you a sneak in his monogram! 


  1. O my goodness, I love names and monograms! I don't even have kids but I am just obsessed with it. I can't wait to hear the name and I'm sure it is going to be a perfect fit!

    Linds @ Not A Mom

  2. I just love names and monograms! Have been a reader since before Callan was born so can't wait to see what your little ones name is. I'm sure it's going to be perfect!

    Kaitlyn @thebirdsnestblog

  3. I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant with my first, a baby boy! We are naming him Landon Patrick, so I'm very fond of L names :-) we chose to tell everyone the name when we found out and I can totally see why you would keep it a secret... Everyone thinks it's ok to give you their two cents!! I'm sure your name is just perfect, and maybe it's even then same one!!!


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