Stilettos and Diapers: Master Bedroom Makeover


Master Bedroom Makeover

In the midst of all my nesting over the past couple months, we've turned linen closets into toy closets, swapped the boys rooms, set up a nursery and painted the entire downstairs. 

One of the last things to be done, is our master bedroom. We haven't done anything to it since we moved in and it's visible to guests unless we close the door. Our master is downstairs, which will be fantastic post baby, but means I want to have it all looking beautiful like yesterday

In a couple weeks, we will be changing our queen to a king (finally!) which also means getting rid of our bed frame, which is part of the set I got when I graduated high school. I still love the dark wood, but not sure if we'll buy another headboard, go without, build a pallet one…who knows. 

My other issue, is bedding. I'm a sucker for white bedding. We've had white and khaki for 10 years and it's faired decently, so I'm actually considering it right before having a baby. It can be cloroxed, right?! 

This is our current bedroom, which is really the colors I'd like to stick with, possibly getting some grey on the walls. 
Neutral Master Bedroom

Here are some of my inspiration rooms. I realize there are several that are completely different styles, so I'm just a confused person. I also realize that I have carpet and a ceiling fan, which makes for a different look than these Pottery Barn-esque rooms, but I still want to do something in the neutral/grey/white scheme. 

White Neutral Room Beadboard Ceiling

White, Black and grey master bedroom

Grey and wood neutral master bedroom

Grey and White bedroom

Khaki and white bedding bedroom

Country/Shabby Chic Room, White and grey bedding

All White Master Bedroom

Elegant Grey and White Master Bedroom

So what do you think? Should I brave the all white bedding? Paint the walls grey? Buy a headboard? Just hang pictures above the bed? Baby W's new bassinet is grey and white, so it will match perfectly in our new room! 


  1. Yes! Brave the white bedding and DEFINITELY paint the walls grey. You can't go wrong with either of those choices in my opinion. If the white bedding gets dirty, bleach washing etc., until you are ready to switch it up again. I think white just makes for such a soft and inviting space. Not to mention the perfect backdrop to take pictures of that precious little boy that will be all too much cuteness!

  2. Here are my ramblings :) - Our all-white bedding survived a newborn - and Quinn was a spitter. You can always throw it in the wash. I think all white is great bc you can bring colors and textures in in other areas - rug, pillows, throw, headboard, curtains, pictures - and you can change those out easily if you get tired of the color scheme. I say leave the walls the color they are.. they contrast well w/ the carpet. And a headboard will make the space look more finished - and is much more comfy to lean against than a wall during late night feedings! We got a tufted one and I love it. Ours is from PB, but you can make them too. I love the look of the sunburst mirror above the headboard... we'll probably get ones of those eventually, even though Lance thinks they're dumb. :D


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