Stilettos and Diapers: July 4th Weekend


July 4th Weekend

We packed a ton into our July 4th weekend. The Hubs had off Friday and Monday, so we were able to spend a ton of time together. 

Friday, we met up with some friends  on the lake. It was stormy early in the day, but after a little getting rained on, it was a gorgeous day. 

Any day is gorgeous when your baby sleeps for a couple hours while you sun, right?! Callan naps every time we go out on the lake, so I never, ever want to stop. 
On Saturday, we did some painting (by we I mean The Hubs) then had friends over for a BBQ. I made cherry lemonade for us non-alcohol drinkers. 

Pictures at night in the house are just not pretty, but I wanted to get shots of the food I made! The kids thought the cake was pretty cool and I had to make my holiday tradition, jello squares
I also made these rocket dogs, which were also a kid hit. The container fell over right after this picture and I had to throw some little potatoes in the bottom to help it stand up!

Our neighborhood had a firework show and I was very glad to not have to leave and fight traffic somewhere. 
We finished that night with sparklers in the driveway. It was all fun and games until Callan touched one that had just gone out. I felt so terrible for the little blister he got!
Sunday, the boys slept until almost 9am, which is completely unheard of. I went to Lowes for more tape, finished taping around the rooms and let The Hubs finish painting. He painted the living room, kitchen, hallway and breakfast nook all the prettiest light grey. I will have to show y'all pictures soon! We want to do a couple more little areas downstairs this weekend and that will almost finish the downstairs. Now Cooper is asking to paint his room one of his favorite colors…black or gold. Mercy help me. 

Monday, we spent the whole day on the lake again. We grabbed lunch at a fun little lakeside restaurant that my boys love and I snagged a pic of my main squeeze. 
I pulled them all on the tube, which is one of their favorite things. I can't wait until next summer when I can get out there with them again!
We also "drove super fast" aka, about 40mph for awhile to go check out another beach area to try. Cooper always sits right up in the front and he just gets bigger and bigger with every pic I snap of him. 
This summer is already going by way faster than I'd like it to. We're trying to do all sorts of fun stuff without getting crazy busy. I'm cherishing the quiet nap times where I get to just hang out with Cooper. I know that next summer will look different, once we have another baby, so I'm trying to soak up all the time with 2 that I can! 

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