Stilettos and Diapers: Beaching It, Through The Years.


Beaching It, Through The Years.

Today we are headed down to Florida! We'll be at the beach with my family for the first part of the trip, then The Hubs family will be joining us for the second part. My boys are looking forward to hanging out with all of their cousins and I can't wait to have a little relaxing time. The boys are pretty independent and don't need tons of stuff to travel with. This will be the last year for awhile that we will have the luxury of not traveling with half of our house! 

I've said before, that God's vacation spot would have to be the beautiful beaches along 30-A. Isn't it gorgeous? 

I was getting all sentimental looking through pictures from our past beach trips. I don't recommend doing anything but things to make you laugh while you're pregnant, because even then, you may cry a little. Holy emotional I am these days! But anyway, here are some oldies! 






We missed some years when we were living in California as well as last year because we did some other fun trips, but I'm excited to be going back to our little spot of paradise. 

In other travel news, did anyone do this map that was going around Facebook? I'm pretty much a sucker for all of these survey things and often do them in the middle of the night when this little one is keeping me awake. I don't have too many more states to hit, but I'd like to think I could get to them all someday! 

What is your favorite vacation spot? Do you like going to the same place over and over, or mixing it up? 


  1. Gorgeous!! And so fun to see your family grow over the years! I like going to any place warm and sunny! My family always usually travels to the same places, which I love! But I want to see more too!

    1. Thanks, Angela! I am up for warm and sunny anywhere, too. :)

  2. Oh my gosh! We go to the exact same place on vacation & stay at the same condos! We absolutely love it there! We actually got married on the beach there in 2010.. It was so beautiful! We have gone back every since our wedding for vacation & are going back again in September.. We cannot wait! It truly is my favorite place on the planet! We have 2 little ladies ages 2 & 4 and I am looking forward to taking a lot less stuff with us this year compared to recent years! Enjoy your time in paradise with your family! :)

    1. Seriously?! That's so awesome! My family has a place here, so it makes for a cheap vacation for us! Haha. Maybe one day We'll see you here. ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Santa Rosa Beach, between Panama City and Destin. It's gorgeous!


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