Stilettos and Diapers: Mother's Day Gift Guide


Mother's Day Gift Guide

1. Crossbody bag - I love my python clutch and this crossbody is perfect for errands! 

2. Boxwood Wreath - Anyone watch Fixer Upper? She always decorates with magnolia wreaths and I love it. I'm a big fan of the boxwood wreaths and have a couple boxwood balls that I love. I think this one would be perfect on a door or mirror. 

3. Pink Face Watch - Gold and pink just may be the best combination in all of life. 

4. Mercury Glass Candle - I've gone through one of these candles in the past year because they last forever. They smell amazing and are a perfect gift. 

5. Pour Over Coffee Pot - This is a new addition to my kitchen and it makes delish coffee, pour over style. Those couple extra minutes of brewing make all the difference. 

6. Polka Dot Phone Case - This would match anything and it just too cute. 

7. Double Pearl Studs - A staple of the south, these pearls and kicked up a notch with a one on either side of the ear. For $9 and free shipping, your m
mom and your wallet will be happy. 

8. Hold The Phone Case - I know my mom would get a kick out of this phone case. 

9. Initial Bar Pendant - Simple and perfectly elegant, I love this initial bar pendant. It would be perfect layered with another long necklace, too. 

10. Floral Tassel Scarf - Forget Lily for Target, this scarf has the florals and tassels that everyone went nuts for, with the added perk of being available. 

11. Woven Tote - Did someone say beach vacation? Pool day? Summer fun? This tote screams summer with it's bright tassels. 

12. Pom Pom Scarf - If you like style but are a bit scared of bright colors, this scarf is perfect and still summery. 

I'd really like everything I don't already own on this list. I'd also love to sleep in, have breakfast in bed and to not cook anything for anyone all day long. Since the latter list probably won't happen, I'll just stick to the ones that need to be purchased. Hehe. 

Head over to my previous post to enter to win a pretty ring to celebrate Mother's Day! 

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