Stilettos and Diapers: iPhone Lately


iPhone Lately

I may not have been the best about snapping pics lately, but I'm always excited to look back through my phone and find some gems! 
Callan rocking some new shades.

Mother's Day family selfie courtesy of the hubs long arms. 

My Mother's Day gift! (Great deal here!)

A parfait breakfast outside on the deck. 

Callan's photography from one of Coop's baseball games. 

Lake day relaxing.

Loved wearing this dress so much for dinner out with friends that I wore it again for church the next morning. 

Just trying to terrify me...

A couple days on the lake with Pa and Ma'am. 

Where I did nothing but relax. 

My first "weird pregnancy craving" of pancakes with peanut butter, blueberries and syrup. 

The most gorgeous blooms at our local farmer's market. Too bad I would kill any of it before it even had a chance! 

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