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Fashion || Hues of Blues: 25 Weeks Pregnant

Who is excited that it's Friday!? We actually have very few plans this weekend and I'm so excited about that fact. Last night, Cooper played in the second play off game of this baseball season. Their team lost to a really tough team, but I'm so proud of them for playing so well this year! I think I will actually miss the baseball field and am happy he wants to play fall ball, too. 

This week, I'm 25 weeks pregnant. If I deliver on the day I'm betting on (August 30), I only have 93 more days left! 

Boyfriend denim shorts, linen shirt, neon pops: Stilettos and Diapers
Boyfriend denim shorts, linen shirt, neon pops: Stilettos and Diapers
Boyfriend denim shorts, linen shirt, pink frame aviator: Stilettos and Diapers
Boyfriend denim shorts, J. Jill linen shirt, pink frame aviator: Stilettos and Diapers
Boyfriend denim shorts, linen shirt, pink frame aviator: Stilettos and Diapers
Boyfriend denim shorts, J.Jill linen shirt, pink frame aviator: Stilettos and Diapers
Boyfriend denim shorts, linen shirt, 25 weeks pregnant: Stilettos and Diapers
Top  ℅ J Jill (30% off now!) | Shorts: cut off from jeans, similar | Shoes: last season, similar | Bracelet | Bag | Sunnies, similar 

Let's talk about these shorts of mine. I've already worn them an unreasonable amount this spring and will continue to do so all summer. Everyone needs a pair of boyfriend denim shorts! I hate when shorts ride up when I walk, or are too tight on the thigh, so these are perfect. I think I told y'all before, but I cut mine from a pair of clearance boyfriend jeans. You can do the same, or check out some of these good options!

How Far Along: 25 weeks
Size of baby: 13.5", the size of a rutabaga (have you ever eaten that? It's nasty!), and about 1.5 lbs.
Total Weight Gain: 15lbs 
Maternity Clothes: A mix of maternity and regular
Gender: Baby boy!
Movement: Lots! The next 3 weeks are the most active weeks and I'm LOVING feeling my little man! 
Sleep: Good
What I miss: Nothing now. Really loving this pregnancy. 
Cravings: Still watermelon and brushing my teeth. Isn't that weird? I want the minty taste in my mouth. 
Symptoms: Some contractions, but I'm trying to be really good and take it easy. 
What I’m looking forward to: I think I've convinced The Hubs to move rooms around this weekend. Cooper and Callan are swapping beds and the playroom (at least part of it for now) is becoming the nursery! 

Remember that cute tunic dress I wore in last week's bump post? My friend Heather is showing how she styles the same one on her blog today! So fun being pregnant at the same time as a good friend! She posts way more than maternity style, too. On her blog, My Life Well Loved, you can find all things fitness, healthy eating and more! 


The Best Espadrilles

I've seen in more than one place about how espadrilles are the sandals of this season. I think they're absolutely adorable and work perfectly when the pool chlorine has eaten off your nice pedicure. Hehe. 

I have one pair so far this year and they're these adorable fuchsia and khaki ones from J. Jill. They're 30% off right now and they come in 4 colors. I can't wait to wear them to the beach next month! 
J. Jill Vidorreta Paco Espadrilles via Stilettos and Diapers

Here are some other top picks that I've seen lately. Many of these come is other color options and several of them are included in Nordstrom's Half Yearly sale, too! It's a really great sale, so get to shopping! 

Are you on board with the espadrilles trend this year? Which pair is your favorite? 


Memorial Weekend Wrap

I sure loved our long Memorial Weekend! The hubs was off Friday-Monday, so we spent a ton of time together. I love relaxing times with my little brood of boys! 

Friday morning, we got out early and headed to the lake. I didn't make time for breakfast, so I grabbed a yogurt I bought for the hubs on the way out the door. My sweet mercies. Oikos Lemon Meringue is like eating dessert for breakfast. So delish. 
Memorial Day Lake Norman: Stilettos and Diapers
I spent a good chunk of the day, belly down, thanks to this awesome float from BellyFlopz. It's totally one of those "why didn't I think of that" ideas! I floated in the water and also layed on the back of the boat on it. There's a comfy, velvet lined hole for your baby bump and a "boob groove" for the other growing bumps of pregnancy. Basically the most comfortable part of the weekend! 
Memorial Day Lake Norman, BellyFlopz: Stilettos and Diapers
We took Cooper out of school early and met up with some friends, where we anchored up to the beach and made our own little redneck yacht club for the rest of the day. 
Memorial Day Lake Norman: Stilettos and Diapers
On Saturday, I woke up realizing I only have 14 (or less!) weekends of being pregnant. Therefore, I needed to jump on feeding the baby some donuts and went to get them in my pajamas. 
Stilettos and Diapers: Donuts
Cooper participated in a local baseball skills day later that morning. He tied for first in the home run derby and had to have a hit off. 
Stilettos and Diapers
He ended up getting second place as well as third place in the base running competition. So proud of him! 
Stilettos and Diapers
Later that night, we went to a friend's house for a BBQ and Cooper locked my keys in the car. Totally scary how fast AAA can break into your car, ya know....

This is one of the many patriotic outfits I wore over the weekend for a post church BBQ at our house. 
Memorial Day Outfit: Stilettos and Diapers
Monday was INSANE on the lake. We spent about 8 straight hours on an island instead of driving around. The boys did go out of on some friend's jet skis and they had a blast!
Memorial Day Lake Norman: Stilettos and Diapers
Memorial Day Lake Norman: Stilettos and Diapers
While they were gone, I ate cookies. 
Memorial Day Lake Norman: Stilettos and Diapers
And took a nap in this shady spot. I drank my seltzer while watching the crowds of people who also pulled up to the island. They were having themselves a good ole time! 
Memorial Day Lake Norman: Stilettos and Diapers
Much like these little monkeys of mine. Callan literally left the water to eat half a sandwich and that was it. 
Memorial Day Lake Norman: Stilettos and Diapers
I made my "patriotic holiday dessert", which is so easy and delish. I layer cubed angel food cake, berries and a mix of 1 large box vanilla pudding, prepared and 1 tub of cool whip in a trifle dish. You really can't beat how easy and pretty it is! 
Easy Fruit Trifle: Stilettos and Diapers
I think spending so much time on the water made me a little off and I had bad sea legs last night. The whole world spinning feeling isn't fun at all! 

We had such fun and I kept reminding myself of why we were able to have such a great time together. I'm so proud to be an American and more than thankful to all the people who have, and continue to serve our country. 

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend as well! 


Fashion || Cozy Blue: 24 Weeks Pregnant

Hey, hey, it's Friday! So excited because The Hubs has today and Monday off for Memorial Day and we're about to hit the lake. This growing bump needs a tan! 
Stilettos and Diapers: 24 weeks pregnant, Pink Blush Maternity
Stilettos and Diapers: 24 weeks pregnant, Pink Blush Maternity
Stilettos and Diapers: 24 weeks pregnant, Pink Blush Maternity
Stilettos and Diapers: 24 weeks pregnant, Pink Blush Maternity
Stilettos and Diapers: 24 weeks pregnant, Rocksbox
Stilettos and Diapers: 24 weeks pregnant, Pink Blush Maternity
Dress c/o | Shoes (on sale!) | Bracelet (mine is the cream/gold) | Earrings via Rocksbox (use mollydeexoxo for a free month!) | Cup | Nails in Tickled Pink 

I absolutely love the pieces that I've gotten from Pink Blush Boutique, including this tunic dress. If you're preggo or not, (they sell regular and maternity!) get to shopping this weekend and use code MEMORIALDAY30 for 30% off everything! 

I've been drinking water like it's my job lately. I know I should be, but I went through a spell of not being able to stomach plain water, so I'm happy that I want it now! I'm going to chalk up this weeks 3 lb weight gain to it... This is my favorite cup that I got from my sis for my Birthday a couple years ago. It's so true! 

How Far Along: 24 weeks
Size of baby: 12.5", the size of an ear of corn, and about 1.25 lbs.
Total Weight Gain: 15lbs 
Maternity Clothes: A mix of maternity and regular
Gender: Baby boy!
Movement: Tons and finally feeling it on my left side. I think he's outgrowing his comfy corner on the right! 
Sleep: Good
What I miss: I'm good for now. Realizing how fast this pregnancy is flying and trying to enjoy every second. 
Cravings: Watermelon and water
Symptoms: Still getting some contractions, trying to take it really slow and easy. 
What I’m looking forward to: Taking the baby on his first boat ride! Did you know they have tiny little life jackets? They're adorable! 


My Nordstrom Confession

I have to admit, I'm not a huge Nordstrom shopper, just because I feel like I can typically find things cheaper other places. (My mother's day watch at Nordstrom vs. Amazon and it's like the only one not included in the sale!) There is an exception for every rule, though, and Nordstrom's Half Yearly sale is one of those times. The sales are actually really good at up to 40% off, so it's a great time to stock up, especially if you've had your eye on a higher end piece. (Like that gorgeous Kate Spade tote!) Here are some of my favorite pieces and deals, but take a look around, because there are way too many to list here! 
My only wish is that they included more maternity pieces in the sale. I need a dress for a wedding in 3 weeks! 

Moment for Me (aka, Mom Timeout)

Motherhood is a strange thing, ya know? There are moments of complete, overwhelming love for your babies, where you want nothing but to hold them as close as possible. Then there are moments of complete, overwhelming chaos, where you want nothing but to get as far away as possible for a little break. Am I right, Moms? 

 photo IMG_5159_zps0gz0473a.jpg

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iPhone Lately

I may not have been the best about snapping pics lately, but I'm always excited to look back through my phone and find some gems! 
Callan rocking some new shades.

Mother's Day family selfie courtesy of the hubs long arms. 

My Mother's Day gift! (Great deal here!)

A parfait breakfast outside on the deck. 

Callan's photography from one of Coop's baseball games. 

Lake day relaxing.

Loved wearing this dress so much for dinner out with friends that I wore it again for church the next morning. 

Just trying to terrify me...

A couple days on the lake with Pa and Ma'am. 

Where I did nothing but relax. 

My first "weird pregnancy craving" of pancakes with peanut butter, blueberries and syrup. 

The most gorgeous blooms at our local farmer's market. Too bad I would kill any of it before it even had a chance! 


It's Just a Season

It's been a busy couple of weeks around here, with lots of baseball, in-laws visiting, doctors appointments and all sorts of other busy life stuff. I had a chat with my Mother-in-law about how having little ones makes for a busy season in life. She told me about how much she misses it, now that they're retired and have all the time in the world. It's so refreshing to hear from another perspective, especially after your 3 year old almost brings you to tears at a baseball game. 

It's just a season, it's just a season. 

A season that it's okay to say no to anything, or everything.  A season to focus on family and not the cleanliness of my house. A season to cherish, because it won't last forever. 

The good news is, my 3 year old won't embarrass me with tantrums in public forever. The bad, is that he won't rub my belly and kiss it, saying how much he loves his brother, or get excited to snuggle on the couch with me and watch Paw Patrol forever. 

It's just a season.

A season that I need to focus more on enjoying, not surviving. 

I saw this quote and it made me smile. And cry. 
I'm not a perfect mother and never will be. I lose my temper, feed junk food before healthy stuff and allow the TV to babysit sometimes. And that's okay. There's way more time that I'm with them, loving, teaching and setting an example. My boys are my whole world and for some reason, God saw me fit to be their mom. 

This time that motherhood seems so challenging, busy and draining will be gone before I know it. I'm sure, that just like my Mother-in-law, I'll look back and miss it. 

After all, it's just a season. 


Running Bay to Breakers

I first started running when we lived in sunny San Francisco. We were newlyweds living in the most gorgeous place, that had perfect running weather almost every day. It could be 100 degrees outside, but the lack of humidity made it perfect. I ran through 6 months of my first pregnancy and trained for my first half marathon with the hubs and a jogging stroller.  
 photo IMG_4316_zpszhmjg1de.jpg

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Fruity Friday

The weather is warm, the sun is shining and nothing goes better with summer than a ton of fruit! I keep seeing all this fruit inspired clothing and home goods and thought I'd share some of my favorites with you. I think my big belly needs to lounge on the pool floats

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Happy Friday, y'all! 


Fashion || Pink and White: 23 Weeks Pregnant

It's 23 week time! I am feeling every bit of a big, pregnant woman. Spending a couple days at the pool with the boys this week definitely gave me the oompa loompa feeling that comes with being pregnant in the summer. But, I only have the rest of the summer to go! Haha.
Maternity Fashion, 23 Weeks Pregnant via Stilettos and Diapers Maternity Fashion, 23 Weeks Pregnant via Stilettos and Diapers Maternity Fashion, 23 Weeks Pregnant via Stilettos and Diapers Maternity Fashion, 23 Weeks Pregnant via Stilettos and Diapers Maternity Fashion, 23 Weeks Pregnant via Stilettos and Diapers Maternity Fashion, 23 Weeks Pregnant via Stilettos and Diapers
Shorts | Top (They're having crazy sales right now!) | Shoes: last year, similar | Bag | Necklace 

How Far Along: 23 weeks
Size of baby: 11.5" (size of a mango) and a 1.1 lb
Total Weight Gain: 12lbs 
Maternity Clothes: A mix of maternity and regular
Gender: Baby boy!
Movement: Tons 
Sleep: Good
What I miss: Being able to wear all my summer clothes!
Cravings: Fruit and lemonade, when I'm even hungry.
Symptoms: I've been having some contractions, enough that I nearly went to the hospital one night this week. Having had preterm labor with both boys and being on modified bed rest by 26 weeks, it's something I'm nervous about. But, I'm really trying to take it pretty easy, even though that's nearly impossible with 2 wild boys!
What I’m looking forward to: This in-laws are coming today and we'll be going to Cooper's baseball game and spending a lot of relaxing time on the lake! 

For more maternity fashion, check out my friend Heather of My Life Well Loved

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