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Fashion // Swim Under $50

Bathing suit shopping is one of the hardest things ever. This year, I'm stuck in between since I can't wear a normal one piece and it's tricky to find a bikini that fits the baby bump well! I bought this top and bottom from Target and am IN LOVE with it. I also just bought this suit, for end of summer after the baby is born. There was a similar one last year for like $150, which wasn't going to happen, so when I saw this look alike for $31, I was SOLD. 

Here are some of my other favorite suits and coverups that I would love to wear this year, all under $50! Just click on what you like to see more details. 

Don't be afraid of Victoria's Secret bathing suits. The tops that come in actual bra sizes are the absolute best fitting tops I have. In my experience, they're the best bikini tops for kid chasing. Their bottoms can be skimpy, but they have full coverage ones as well. Or, pair one of their great fitting tops with a solid bottom from somewhere else. I love this top and am really into the high neck ones lately! 

Are you bikini or not bikini this year? I have some of each, but definitely want a tan baby bump! 


  1. Long story short, we are taking a short trip to the Caribbean in June so I'm hoping to be bikini ready by then! Mom of four + bikini? We shall see.

    Thanks for the ideas. I've been eyeing a lot of VS suits. Maybe I'll just order a bunch and send back whatever doesn't work. (Presumably most. Ha).

  2. This is good to know! I'm always looking for a top that gives me support in the swimsuit area!! You always look so cute!!!

  3. I don't have a single stretch mark from my son (or my daughter YET) but I'm too hippy to feel comfortable in a bikini while pregnant. What I do like is a tankini, so I can tan when need to, but still feel covered while I'm chasing Red. These are some great pics!


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