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Fashion // Linen and White

It's spring break y'all! Well, it was supposed to officially start today, but the kids have to make up a snow day, so we start as soon as school lets out! So excited for a week of hanging out with my boys! It's supposed to be 81 today, hence the way early white shorts! 
J. JIll Linen Shirt, White Shorts

J. JIll Linen Shirt, White Shorts, JustFab Legacy Mint
J. JIll Linen Shirt, White Shorts
J. JIll Linen Shirt, White Shorts, Rocksbox jewelry

J. JIll Linen Shirt, White Shorts
J. JIll Linen Shirt, White Shorts. 17 weeks pregnant
Top: Pearl Grey c/o | Shorts | Shoes: last season, love these! | Bag: Legacy in Mint | Necklace Use code MOLLYBFF11 for a free month! 

I love a good basic and that's just what this linen shirt from J. Jill is. Linen is one of my favorite summer fabrics and it's so lightweight, that even a long sleeve can be worn in the heat. This one will be nice and breezy for the baby bump. 

Tonight, I will be embarking on something that I'm only doing because I'm trying to be a good boy mom. Because my stinky little boys have been begging and every time I mention it as a boy trip, it doesn't fly. And despite the fact that tonight's weather is calling for some overnight thunderstorms, this girl will be happily sleeping in a tent under the stars. I can't say that I'm looking forward to it. I'm scared. I don't understand why we need to sleep outside when we have a house. But, I've created a menu, including some fun foods to cook over the open fire and bought a 6 pack of non alcoholic beer. I chanted "I think I can, I think I can" while painting my nails hot pink last night. I'm not exactly cut out for this, but I hope my boys have the time of their lives. At least they better. 

Happy Friday and Happy Easter weekend! 


  1. I love this outfit.. You look so cute :) Happy Friday
    Chelsea @

  2. You do such fun things for and with them. I definitely care nothing about sleeping in a tent. I have 3 girls though:) Hope y'all enjoy

  3. Yay for camping! I hope you guys have fun tonight! I'm going on a mommy/son Cub Scout camping trip in May. :D


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