Stilettos and Diapers: Weekend Fun


Weekend Fun

Happy Monday! Today is the first Monday in a while that I don't feel completely exhausted and I actually feel like I can be productive. I'll be 16 weeks pregnant this Friday and can't believe it's going by so fast! I'm loving the little bit more energy and being able to EAT! 

We had an awesome weekend. On Thursday and Friday, I cleaned and prepped for guests. I love when the floors are cleared and I can actually make vacuum lines. I mean, I did suck up about 30 legos while vacuuming this upstairs room, but after that, I sat and gazed at the gorgeous lines in my carpet. Is there much better? 
On Friday afternoon, my friend Rachel and her hubby got here! We met through blogging and have seen each other at least once a year since 2010. On Saturday morning, she ran the Elizabeth 8k in Charlotte and we went to cheer her on. I did not like being on the cheering end at all! Can't wait to run another race! 
After the race, we had breakfast at the best restaurant in the south, Tupelo Honey Cafe. So yum. 
Then it warmed right up for an awesome day on the lake, where we all got a wee bit too much sun! I fell asleep on the beach at one point...I can't hang with 6am wake up calls and no nap these days. 
My baby belly got a photo bomb on Saturday night and I was so happy to wear my "butter pants". They are literally the softest leggings ever and the fun colors don't hurt a thing. 
After they headed home Sunday morning, we went to Church, then off for ice cream. The ice cream was a partial bribe, because Callan's normal teacher wasn't in his class, sending him into a bit of a frenzy. I guess he's a creature of habit! 
The other part of the trip is because baby has been wanting cookie dough in a cone. And I'm a mom who likes to give my kids what they want. Hehe. 
Oh and this dress is the comfiest thing I've worn pregnant. I actually bought it before I got pregnant last year, but they still have it, it's on sale and they have a short sleeve version!  

Just a funny from today, Cooper's first words once getting to the kitchen this morning were, "those sausages are too long. No way I'm eating them." Well, okay then. I'll quit buying breakfast sausage based on ingredients and more on length? What in the world. He is hands down the pickiest eater I've ever seen. Packing lunch every day is a massive struggle and you better believe he won't eat a lunch from school! Any tips on lunch ideas? He doesn't like that's fun! 


  1. First, you look adorable Molly! Second, what about cheese/crackers/meat for his lunches? I do that a lot for Ty's. Sort of like a homemade Lunchable? What about hummus/pita? Or ranch/veggies/cheese stick? I am not the most creative person with lunches either. It's hard!

  2. Life is too short to stress about school lunch. If there's a meal he likes that is healthy, just send it everyday. If what he wants to eat all the time is not what you consider nutritious, then send him something that is and he can choose to eat it or be hungry :)
    Some people do not require much variety in what they eat. It's ok as long as it provides the nutrients he needs.


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