Stilettos and Diapers: Insta Valentines Weekend


Insta Valentines Weekend

First off, I wanted to say THANK YOU for all your sweet congratulations! I will be back with more baby info this week. We are so stinkin excited! 

We had a really fun Valentine's Day weekend, but I didn't take my camera out one time. Here is our weekend of love, iPhone edition. 

The weekend started off with "nap time me time". A glitter moon mani and conversation hearts. It was my first attempt at this fun, new nail trend and I think I like it. 

I volunteered to make the snack for Cooper's class Valentines party. I made 3 batches of bunny bait, and did a cookie decorating craft. 

I've been at these parties before and seen just how disgusting it can be for 1st graders to share a tub of frosting. As soon as you look away, there are 19 plastic knives dipping then licking, over and over. It's gross, I tell ya. And with everyone and their brother being sick, I went with a safe route.  Each child got their own bag that had a tub of frosting, plain sugar cookies, a container of sprinkles and decorations and a spreading spoon. No sharing around these parts! 

I have a history of going a wee bit crazy on holidays, so Valentine's morning was no exception. I always have so much fun putting it all together, that it's hard for me to tame myself! 

Christmas pajamas worked perfectly for love day...

And I had two really happy boys! (Who got a hair cut later that day, thank goodness!)

I made a breakfast feast of pancakes, heart shaped cinnamon buns and so much more that I literally couldn't move from the table for a little bit after I finished eating. I'm having insane heartburn already! 

Later that afternoon, Cooper played his last basketball game before playoffs this coming weekend and won! It is so fun to see him play, but it's totally awesome when they win. 

We thought about going out for dinner, but decided against it. We ended up buying some delicious steaks, cooking together and finishing the night with this fruit tart from The Fresh Market. I love that place! The hubs had some nice wine and I had some nice iced tea. Which is all I can drink right now. 

Cooper was so excited to get Uno for Valentine's day and we played no less than 13,000 times that night. It's so fun to be able to play a game that's fun for everyone and you don't actually have to let the kids win! 

Yesterday, I was so exhausted. When that happens, I like to tell The Hubs the baby is growing something super important, like a kidney. I watched a House Hunter's marathon and napped on the couch for like 4 hours. It was marvelous, y'all. We finished the night with some Chinese takeout and The Bachelor. Those girls are off their rocker! 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! Good for you for taking it easy and having a House Hunters marathon :) I agree, the girls on the Bachelor are CRAZY but I can't stop watching lol!
    XO Kelly

  2. I love your love for holidays! I think that Valentine's Day with kids is going to be so fun. I was kind of hoping that my baby might be a Valentine's Day girl, but we're still waiting. Can't wait to read more about your pregnancy :) The heartburn is a real struggle. I keep a bottle of tums at my bedside all the time. ha

  3. What a fun love day!


  4. I always love to see your holiday extravaganza! Your Xs and Os are so darn cute! Cooper is a little baller - look at him go! Can't wait to hear more about baby #3!

  5. That Valentine's breakfast is so darn awesome as is the treats you made for the class!!! You are def. a super mom and you're preggo on top of it all! I really love your nails, is that just a sparkle polish you added to the bottom of your nails? I need to try this!

  6. I'm so glad you had a great weekend! I go a wee bit overboard, too. I'm impressed with all the treats. We're not allowed anything homemade at the kids' schools! Such a bummer!

  7. That cookie bag idea is genius... I don't even have kids and I was nodding my head saying THAT MAKES SENSE. She's a genius! And that tart? Totally looks delish.


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