Stilettos and Diapers: Favorite Workout Gear


Favorite Workout Gear

Happy Friday! Today, I'm sharing some of my favorite workout gear and accessories. We all know there's a whole lot more motivation to workout when you feel good in your clothes and when all your gear is working the way you need it to!

1. Old Navy Compression Pants. These are awesome. They're pretty thick, hold everything where it needs to be and doesn't let any jiggling happen while you're moving. At a price much lower than the fancy brands, these are a total win in my book. 

2. Camelbak Glass Bottle. The hubs just got this for me for Christmas. After my last Camelbak was on it's last leg, I was ready for a new one. This one is glass and honestly makes me drink more. It doesn't give my water that funky taste that plastic does. (Which I didn't even realize until I drank out of the glass!)

3. Lululemon Ruffle Butt Skirt. No, that's not the official name, but I love feeling girly when I'm all sweaty and gross. You'll shuck out a good chunk for the frills of this skirt, but it will be worth it! 

4. Mizuno Running Shoes. I know that running shoes vary from person to person, but these are my absolute favorite for running. I have cute Nikes that I walk in or do other workouts besides running, but these are the most supportive and comfortable shoe I've run in. 

5. Squat Now, Wine Later Tank. What's a good workout without a little sass? I love this tank from 9th and Elm. Wine drinking is a favorite hobby of mine and I feel completely justified in drinking it after I workout in this tank. 9th and Elm has tons of fun workout tanks like this, too!

6. Yurbuds. These are the first pair of ear buds that I've had that actually stay in my ears while I run. You can buy them in men's or women's sizes and they come with 2 different sized bud for your ear. Pick the pair that is most comfortable and run without those suckers falling out! 

Who's ready to kick off the weekend with a good workout now?! I have some good news for one of you. 9th & Elm is giving one of you one of these cute "Squat Now, Wine Later" tanks! Simply use the rafflecopter widget below to enter! 

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