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Easy DIY Shoe Storage Shelves

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Simply by the name of this blog, you know that I'm kinda a shoe gal. I don't like getting rid of any and up until this move, my shoes have been living in their boxes. With 120 some odd pairs, you can imagine how much space that took up. I decided when we moved here, that I wanted to do something to display my shoes. This would show off the pretty ones, as well as force me to get rid of the awful ones. 

The hubs went out of town last week and I got to work. 3 hours and $70 later, my shoes were proudly on display. Well, the pretty ones. 
Shoe shelves, diy
Now, this was a fairly simple task. I don't know an awful lot about woodworking, construction or home building, but this project wasn't difficult. I did it myself, with only the hubs drill and didn't run into any issues. 

Here are the parts that I used. Everything is available at Lowes. 

I got the 48" long shelf. They have lots of different sizes. I could have gone a few inches longer, but I didn't want (or have a way) to cut the shelves down. Only con was that the shelves had the label on them that was very difficult to get off. I ended up peeling it off, ripping 3 nails, then using a soapy sponge to soak the rest off.

E-Z Ancor Drywall Anchors: 2 package at $5.98
You only need these if you're not drilling into a stud. I hit the stud for 2 out of 3 holes per bracket, so only used 1 of the actual anchors in each bracket. You will need the screws, though.

3/4" Wood Screws: $2
These are just to secure the shelf to the brackets, so you don't want them to be long enough to come through the top of the shelf. 
Shoe shelves, diy

Step 1: Measure 

Before you even buy supplies, you'll need to decide how high up you want your first shelf, then how far apart you want all your shelves. I went with 18" off the ground for my first shelf so that my tall boots could stand up underneath. The rest of the shelves are all 9" apart. This worked out for me to make everything nice and even looking in the space I had. Make sure you double and triple measure before you go putting holes in the wall. Once you decide on your measurements, mark in pencil where the first 2 bottom brackets should go, height wise. 

Step 2: Hang your brackets

I used a stud finder to since I wanted to make these shelves as sturdy as possible. Since the bracket goes up into a Y shape, I hit the stud with 2 screws and had to use a dry wall anchor on 1 of them. Make sure your brackets are level before hanging the second one. I used a yardstick and this tiny level since I couldn't find our regular one! Hold the second bracket in place with the yard stick balanced. move until it's level, then mark the screw holes with pencil. Shoe shelves, diy
Once you get that first set of brackets hung, it's easy. Just keep measuring up, and drilling in the brackets, making sure you are keeping everything level. 

Step 3: Attach your shelves

Start from the top! This is important so you have room to get the drill and your arm underneath to put the screws in. Going from underneath, put the wood screw through the bracket and into the shelf, pushing down on the shelf as you go. 
Shoe shelves, diy

Step 4. Add your shoes!

Step back and feel like a total rockstar. Send pictures to your besties, then fill those shelves up! Shoe shelves, diy
Shoe shelves, diy
Put your shoes in however makes the most sense for you. I alternated the direction of mine to maximize space. I have a shelf of booties, a shelf of colorful shoes, a shelf of wedges and a shelf of black shoes. I have all my bags on the existing shelf above the shoes.
Shoe shelves, diy
I have a few pairs of flats and sandals on the floor still. I did end up getting rid of 23 pairs of shoes, so I'm proud of myself. Next step, jewelry organizing and eventually, hanger uniformity!
Shoe shelves, diy
I debated buying some of those cube shoe organizers, but they would have cost way more and would have taken up much more room. I'm so happy with how these turned out!


Cable Knit and Plaid {A Fashion Post}

I'm nearing the end of my No Spend January challenge and I couldn't be happier with how strong I've been! Not a single new piece of clothing, shoes or anything from the dollar spot. And guess what? It's fine! I've been wearing stuff from the back of my closet that hasn't been worn in awhile and realizing that I may not need to frequent Target as much as I have been. While this sweater would be a bit more flattering if it was snugger, I didn't spend any money on it and that makes me proud. So there. 
Stilettos and Diapers: Cable Knit and Plaid Layers Statement necklace
Jeans: Levis | Sweater: old, American Eagle (similar) | Button Down: old, Target (similar) | Shoes: old, MIA via 6pm (similar) | Necklace & Bracelets: Molly Suzanne | Watch: Target

In all the closet cleaning and digging, I needed some organization. Last week when the hubs was out of town, I stole his power tools and went to town on a shoe display in my closet. I'll be sharing the very easy and reasonably priced DIY later this week! 


Drool Worthy Picks: ScoopNYC

Scoop NYC is a new store to me. They started as 1 store in SoHo and have expanded to 19 boutiques nationwide. They offer a wide variety of styles for men and women and some of my favorite designer brands. Right now, they're holding their ultimate closet warehouse sale, meaning great designer pieces for way less. Here are some of my favorites from Scoop:

1: Diane Von Furstenberg Sleeveless Sheath. This dress is classic enough for a wedding, yet fun enough for a night of dancing. It's a contender for my sister's bachelorette weekend and its an extra 50% off the sale price!

2: AG Ankle Leggings. I love a great pair of white denim and my absolute favorite pair of jeans is AG. It's just totally worth it for quality denim. 

3. Basta Surf Bikini. I love the uniqueness of this bikini. The colors, the multiple back straps, it's just adorable. 

4. Sheriff and Cherry Sunglasses. Pretty sure I need these. The leopard print is the perfect neutral for any outfit! Oh, and they're 50% off! 

5. Diane Von Furstenberg Snake Clutch. Love, love, love this gold clutch and the ring feature on top. It also comes with a detachable shoulder strap and is an extra 50% off, too!

6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Lace Skirt. Royal has probably been my favorite color this winter. Add the lace of this skirt, a pair of leopard pumps and a girly blouse for a perfect day to night look.

7. Alice + Olivia Tank. Isn't hot pink and black just a fantastic combo? I love how it's colorblocked in this long tank with a back exposed zipper. 

8. Three Dots Sequin Sweatshirt. Sequins and comfort? Sign me up. 

Check out Scoop online, or shop one of their storefronts


Polka Dots and Brunch {A Fashion Post}

My sis and her new fiancĂ© were on the way back to Georgia on Sunday after visiting his family for the weekend. They had a little time and we got to meet them for brunch. After our first choice restaurant had an hour and a half wait, we ended up at Heist Brewery. We were seated before the waitress told us that Sunday was a brunch buffet. My eyes probably jumped out of my head. Brunch and buffets are some of my favorite things and together? Well, I was one happy girl. Throw in $10 bottomless mimosas and it was perfection. I was glad I was wearing comfy clothes and even undid my belt a notch during the meal at some point. Needless to say, the after meal pictures turned out pretty comical. The hubs isn't a fan of taking pictures of me in public, then I start laughing whenever I see someone pass by.  
Stilettos and Diapers: Black pants, white sweater Stilettos and Diapers: Taupe Bag Stilettos and Diapers: Polka Dot pants Stilettos and Diapers: Black pants, white sweater

Stilettos and Diapers: Accessories

Sweater: H&M | Pants: Target | Belt: Target (old) similar | Bag and Shoes: c/o JustFab | Bracelets: Molly Suzanne | Sunnies: Prada, similar | Nails: OPI "You Don't Know Jacques" 


Leopard + Royal {A Fashion Post}

Stilettos and Diapers: Leopard and Royal Stilettos and Diapers: Leopard Blazer Stilettos and Diapers: Blue Suede Pumps Stilettos and Diapers: Leopard blazer and blue pumps Stiletto and Diapers: Leopard Blazer
Pants: Chip & Pepper California c/o (on sale!) | Tank: H&Msimilar | Jacket: Hazel and Olive (no longer available, similar here - extra 50% off!) | Shoes: JustFab c/o | Necklace: old Forever21, similar | Watch: Target

Back in December, I went to an event with Belk and the owners of Chip & Pepper California, Chip and Pepper themselves. They were a blast to hang out with and I think they had way too much fun picking out clothes for us girls to try on. Once I put on these snakeskin skinnies, I was totally sold. They're so soft and extremely well made. The new California line is the same quality of their original Chip & Pepper line, but at a price point that is much more accessible. Head over to Belk to check their line out! 

Happy Friday! 


Healthy Snacks on the Go with Kashi

At the beginning of the year, I think we are all a little more health conscience. We started around this time last year with a pretty strict clean eating diet. I can say we did pretty darn awesome for the first 5 months...then summer, vacations and our move really threw off our diets. 

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My Top Beauty Must Haves

I've recently started using a few beauty products that I'm a huge fan of. Here's some of my new faves, along with some old faithfuls that are definitely worth a shot. 

Banana Boat, Maybelline, Ulta, VO5, Forever 21

Banana Boat Summer Color: This is old faithful#1. I've used this for a few years now and it's the best. Only thing that keeps me looking like casper all winter.

Large Sock Bun SpongeHave you ever used one of these? I love a good, messy top knot and usually wear that kind. But. The chic perfect circle bun is really elegant sometimes. This thing will give it to ya. And it will only set you back $1!

Benefit Stay Flawless PrimerHoly mother. This is hands down my new favorite product. It's like rubbing a glue stick all over your face, then applying your makeup. No, really, it is. Usually my makeup is pretty non existent by night time. The first day I used this, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror after wrestling my boys to bed. I did a double take because I looked like I did that morning. Sold. Sold. Sold. It does set quickly once you put it on, so I work in sections. Rub the primer on one location, then blend in your foundation. I use a BB cream with it and it works great. 

Eco Tools Bamboo Brush Set: I got these as a Klout perk a couple months ago, but just recently opened them. Very impressed at how well they blend eyeshadow and I really love the eyebrow brush. 

Maybelliene Color Sensational Vivids in Fuchsia Flash: I've had this since last summer, but have loved wearing it in the winter lately. Adds a bright pop to your winter wardrobe. I'm wearing a thin layer over chapstick here and it's layed on thick here and here.  

Eos Lip Balm: Need I say more? This stuff is amazing. And it comes in a 5 pack at Costco, for us addicted folk. 

Ulta Nail Lacquer: Bought my first bottle of this a couple weeks ago for $3. Was totally shocked when I put it on at how thick it was and how great it covered with just 1 coat. I topped with a clear Ulta coat and the polish was baller for an entire week. 1 week! That's really unheard of for me. Now, I did hear from one person, that their color didn't cover that well in 1 coat. Maybe it's specific colors? I have the shade "devious" and it's a perfect, very dark purple. You can see my Instagram shot of it here.

VO5 Leave in Conditioner: This is a newbie within a couple weeks. It tames my fly aways, makes my ends smoother and gives me shine galore! 

And there you have it. I'm in no way an expert, I just like this stuff and hope y'all do too! 


Lazy Man Guacamole

When the hubs has work dinner meetings, my favorite thing to eat is guacamole. I want something delicious and super easy. If I'm skipping cooking a meal, it better be something that dirties up 1 dish and that's it. The guacamole I make is quick, made in 1 bowl and can more than likely be made with stuff you have already. 

First, make sure you have ripe avocados. I know, there's only a 2.5 second window for that
 photo file_zps1745df70.jpg
Scoop all the flesh out with a spoon. 
 photo file_zpsd1e751e3.jpg
Then smash it all up with a fork. You can leave it a little chunkier, if you'd like, or smooth it all out. 
 photo file_zps1c608fbd.jpg
Stir in your 3-4 ingredients and voila! Lazy man guac. 
fast, easy guacamole

2 ripe avocados, mashed
1/4 tsp garlic salt
2 tsp lime (or lemon) juice
1/4 cup salsa (I make my own clean salsa in big batches with this recipe.)
1/4 cup purple onion, diced

Now, I normally make it with the top 4 ingredients, because I'm too lazy to dice onion on nights I'm single momming it. If you're using a salsa that you like the flavor of, you'll like the flavor of the guac. I like mine spicy and my salsa is just that. BUT, I almost always have a little leftover onion in the fridge and adding it in makes everyone think you spent a lot of time on your dip. And it taste even more amazing. 
Stilettos and Diapers: Fast and easy guacamole, made with ingredients you have!
So whip yourself up a batch! Guacamole doesn't have to be bad for you! 


Coated Denim and Glow in the Dark {A Little Fashion Post}

The hubs is a pretty straight laced kinda dresser, with pops of trendy. Think Banana Republic, JCrew and Gap. He wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of super skinny jeans, or anything that resembles what a skateboarder would wear. 

Cooper on the other hand...
 photo 3ae507a6-7e86-453a-90d4-a2c55df13a37_zps1420cd2a.jpg
Let's just say he may get as excited over fashion as his mom. 
 photo 1740b6bd-be26-4ad8-b88f-a540841a4965_zps4f5cc2ae.jpg
And if it glows in the dark, like this man on the moon top? There is a cry of success. 
 photo 369f51d3-4cb2-4d3f-81b8-348ef5c25628_zps6a11ff0d.jpg  photo 0bd7f646-3406-44c7-bb94-643d047d2d0e_zps99372c14.jpg
I love seeing the outfit this guy picks out. We just had to move up to a size 6 to get the length and I'm sucking in those adjustable waist just as far as they will go. Somehow this chubby baby with thighs for days is now a stick! 

 photo 640e7846-a8a8-4d97-9ca1-f371cc3a3b5e_zps1ebe6059.jpg
Tee and jeans: FabKids c/o | Boots: Target (sold out, similar here)

Just a little FYI, new this year, FabKids has lowered the prices of their outfits and they're all $29.95! I bought several outfits for the boys for Christmas because I like their stuff that much. And they hold up in the wash! Wahoo! 

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Golden Globes: Looks for Everyday

I loved watching the Golden Globes last night! It's so much fun to see everyone all dressed up gorgeous and maybe dream a little about getting to wear fabulous clothes like that! I did a little searching today and founds some things that are similar in style to my favorites from last night, but more appropriate for the lifestyle of us "regular" folk. 
Lupita Nyong'o was hands down my favorite look of the night. The dress is so classic and sophisticated, yet has such a modern touch. It's literally perfect. I found this dress that gives the same feeling, with a much more casual look and much more reasonably priced! 
I've always had a thing for Kate Beckinsale, but she was insanely gorgeous last night! This dress, while still $400, could have you looking so similar to Kate that you may just feel like you're getting a Golden Globe yourself. 
The Good Wife is in my top 3 favorite shows right now and I think Julianna Margulies is pretty amazing in it. I want to wear the dress she wore last night to every function I ever have. I love the gold accents so much. Looks so very sophisticated, but not uncomfortable! This dress is a short one, but I love how it has the similar gold accents. 
The hubs thinks Sofia Vergara is amazing and I really don't get it. But the dress? Adore. I found a couple similar ones in short versions here and here, that you could pull off for a dinner party. 
Lastly, lets just talk about the fact that I never looked this incredible while pregnant. Holy wow. I love the long sleeve of Olivia Wilde's dress and the fact that they're aren't any of the gathers on the side like a lot of maternity clothing. This dress has the sleeves and the fitted features I love in a short version, but I couldn't find any maternity dress quite this amazing.  Here's one that I would love to wear non-preggo, though! 

What was your favorite look from the Golden Globes?
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