Stilettos and Diapers: Family Pictures with Rack Room Shoes


Family Pictures with Rack Room Shoes

Over the weekend, I started to panic about Christmas cards. I couldn't remember if I ever sent them last year, and after texting several people, discovered that I don't think I did. Anyway, I told the hubs that we need to send cards and fast! So, after church on Sunday, we stopped at a favorite park and set up the tripod. We bribed the boys with a fun hike and time on the playground if they smiled and they did great! 
 photo IMG_1436_zps5a760745.jpg  photo a6e53b43-6fae-4412-b4ec-d5815c34060e_zps995729a0.jpg  photo 4ba7330a-b022-4efc-961f-d9670c063584_zpsa16600b8.jpg
Our shoe game was on point for our pictures, thanks to the boots we just got from Rack Room Shoes. I love that I can go there and find something that everyone in the family loves, which, let's be honest, isn't that easy. Let's start with Mr. Picky himself, who managed to find several pairs of men's casual shoes that he had to decide on. photo IMG_1408_zps491ec45d.jpg
Cooper takes very much after his dad in the picky department, but agreed to match Callan this fall with these classic Timberland boots. Yes, they're matching. And they will keep matching for as long as I possibly can! Rack Room carries multiple pairs of matching boy's boots that are available in toddler and boys sizes. Which makes me a happy momma!
 photo IMG_1402_zpsf6a28b81.jpg
And apparently, I missed the memo of grey shirt and dark boots. Rack Room Shoes has a huge selection of women's boots, so my choice was tough, but I fell in love with these cut out boots by Madden Girl. They go with everything! 
 photo IMG_1450_zps8d36d882.jpg  photo IMG_1397_zps795ab4f7.jpg

 photo 662e538b-6841-4d62-9818-2edaa3dc3280_zpsc95db4ef.jpg  photo 17ecaa1a-0382-4f2c-8d3a-4ba8fb53e1ba_zps35408a41.jpg
So relieved that we got some good pictures, even though the whole shoot was a little impromptu. Maybe the fact that it was casual made it much lower stress!

Don't forget you can shop at Rack Room Shoes online now! (I'll do a happy dance for you.) Right now, every boot is on sale, plus BOGO 50% off! And did I mention free shipping over $50? You're welcome. Happy shopping in your pajamas! 

Do you send Christmas cards every year? And do you take new pictures for them if you do? 

Sponsered: I received product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.  


  1. Seriously, you did an awesome job!!! i should do this instead of paying so much esp since I've always loved photography and my cousin just gave me a tripod. ;)

  2. Your pictures turned out lovely. Since my son was born we've done family pictures every year- but I don't necessarily include them on Christmas cards, I think it is a good way to document our family the way it is for that moment in time. My son won't always be that little and hopefully he won't always be an only child either, lol!

  3. Just took our family pictures today, glad that's over with, ha! Why does it seem like such a chore when they end up looking so sweet?!

  4. Such a cute family! I love how the pictures turned out!


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