Stilettos and Diapers: Christmas Cards a la Minted.


Christmas Cards a la Minted.

Every year, picking out a Christmas card is such a huge decision. I'm always torn between a gorgeous, frilly choice or a simple, chic one. Then we have to decide if we're going to say Merry Christmas, or be politically correct and go with Happy Holidays. Do we do a single family picture, or pick one that can show off the boys individually as well? 

My favorite place to shop for Christmas cards, is Minted. They have a huge variety styles in their new holiday collection. The variety comes, in part, from their design challenge, letting people submit work to be voted on. It doesn't make my choice easier, but it sure gives me some awesome options! You can easily see how you cards will look, but uploading one photo and turning on the Find It Fast™ feature. It will show you previews of the cards, all with your photo in them. Such a time saver! 

One of their newest features this year, is the foil-pressed cards. (And all the angels sing) 

Since I'm slightly obsessed with gold right now, I may have shrieked when I saw so many options, covered in shimmer. Talk about elegant cards! 

The thing I'm most happy about right now? Envelope addressing. The hubs didn't think this is as cool as I do, because he doesn't spend hours with hand cramps, addressing cards every year. You just add addresses into their file and simply upload to get them printed on your envelopes. That file can be saved and used every year!

The envelope is specially designed to match your cards, to make you look all fancy. (Even if, like me, you're really not!) Until Tuesday, November 25, you can get free addressing! Use code HAPPYHOL15 at checkout. 

Have you ordered your Christmas Cards yet? 


  1. I love Minted!! I ordered my cards - used their envelope addressing service... They turned out amazing... and the gold is gorgeous!! Can't wait to mail them!

  2. I LOVED their "wreck the halls" card this year. I came super close to ordering thru them just because of that card!

  3. I love these cards.. Getting Christmas cards are so much fun :)

  4. love these and I have been seeing a lot of people using Minted with great reviews so this is good to know. Ive got to get started on our cards Im running behind


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