Stilettos and Diapers: BOO your neighbors!


BOO your neighbors!

The hardest part about moving to Charlotte, was leaving our old neighbors. We were constantly doing things together, including celebrating holidays. I've been so thrilled that we had a big summer party here and most recently, that we got BOO'd! I've never seen this before, but I was super excited when I opened the door after a ring and run to find a cute basket of goodies on my porch. 

The rules are that you must hang the "BOO" sign on your front door, make baskets and leave them on the porch of 2 neighbors. It's fun watching the neighborhood get covered in BOO signs! 

These are the baskets Cooper and I made yesterday. Pumpkin Spice cookie mix, pencils, glow bracelets and candy. 
We ran down the street last night for our ring and run moment. I guess I should have clarified where we were running after we rang the bell, because Cooper ran right into their backyard. Haha. My whisper screams of "COOPER!" to try to get him to run down the street instead, may have given it away that we were the booers. Oh well! Second house went just fine and we got our sprinting workout in for the day. 

I'm not sure when exactly our neighborhood started this, but it's quickly getting covered. I think there is still plenty of time before Halloween to start this in your neighborhood! Here is the poem that came in the box I got. (If you right click and save, you can print it.)
Does your neighborhood "BOO"? Or are you going to be the one to start it? Have fun!

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  1. I'm from around here so I've heard about it before. I like this fun idea for Halloween. Our neighborhood does not do this but I may be the one to start it!! :) Thank for the poem!

  2. Oh what a cool idea!!! I love your boo basket!


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