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Gimmes: Target BOGO

Y'all know I love clothes and shopping. And more clothes and more shopping. Most of you probably also know, that I happen to be somewhat cheap. I like to refer to it as frugal, but it's usually worse when it comes to buying things for myself. I don't like to spend lots of money on clothes that I'm going to feel guilty about not wearing for 3 or 4 seasons. I may shuck out more on a great pair of jeans or a classic pump, but when it comes to trends, it's all budget friendly. My go to places are Forever 21, H&M and Target. Usually, the latter, because I'm already there getting groceries, I can frequently scan the sale racks, they have a Starbucks, don't frown upon kids eating in the carts and I don't have to go to the mall. WIN

Even better, is Target has fab coupons online and on their Cartwheel app and they have big sales. Like the one I came to tell you about: BOGO 50% off clothing, shoes and accessories this week! It's a great time to stock up for fall trends, accessories and staple items. The sale includes pieces for the whole family, but I wanted to show you some of the things I want in my closet:

Good stuff, right? All under $40 and all BOGO 50% off! And if you're feeling the floppy hat trend that is everywhere right now, Target has a black, tan and burgundy option that are all great! I want to go try them on in the store before I buy online. I'm not sure I can pull them off! 

Where are your favorite places to shop for good deals? Does the majority of your closet get purchased via red cart, too?!

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  1. I'm all over the hat trend because, frankly, I think hats should be a staple, not a trend. I also think you would ROCK this hat, girlfriend!


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