Stilettos and Diapers: Georgia Snaps


Georgia Snaps

I had such a great visit with my family in Georgia earlier this week. No matter where I move to, it's always so nice to go home. That familiar smell, the old table I colored on when I was little, quilts made by my grandfather hanging on the walls. There's just something relaxing about the whole thing. I had coffee, that my dad roasted himself, with my parents every morning, hung out with my teenage siblings and let myself submit to the slow paced south Georgia life for a few days. 
 photo IMG_6976_zps693493b8.jpg  photo IMG_6987_zps423639c5.jpg  photo afeea854-ab81-452b-91cc-1ed6383fad01_zpse83d6895.jpg  photo IMG_6959_zps0bd1fae3.jpg  photo 1d463d14-327f-4a02-a48a-2878b8e3c3d2_zps5ef2a51c.jpg  photo a55d8f2e-e853-474e-9b44-f1f0f84fd09c_zps913cd360.jpg  photo IMG_6938_zpsff53727a.jpg  photo IMG_6929_zpsf44c11a7.jpg  photo 077bcf8d-bbd9-437a-ad62-95e3cb0b3e9e_zpsb5ffbc5d.jpg  photo 25fce29a-9299-4f3a-9f8f-2b6ab4976460_zps95e02212.jpg
Today we are taking it to the other extreme and heading to New York to see the hubs family. There will be no gun shooting or fried food eating, but there will be a whole different set of experiences. Our two worlds couldn't be more different and I'm so glad our family gets to enjoy them both! 

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  1. What a quaint little town - I would love to call that home. What a fun place to visit - it really reminds me of Blue Belle from Hart of Dixie. (I currently live in a small town on Northwest Alabama and it's almost as charming). :) I'm originally from Maryland so I'm all about a little Southern Charm now and still getting to head home to my Northern roots.

  2. Great photos! Makes me want to visit. You have a beautiful family :)

  3. It looks like you had a great visit with your family!

  4. So pretty! that sideways headstands is nuts - to have the arm strength for that!


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