Stilettos and Diapers: Sleep where the sleeping's good.


Sleep where the sleeping's good.

There are plenty of things I said I'd never do as a mom. Most of those words, I've had to eat.   Like when I bought light up shoes for my son because he was just too sweet to say no to. Or the fact that my 6 year old wears character shirts to school almost every day. 

I've always sworn by a set bedtime and in our house, everyone is at least getting ready for bed by 7:30. The problem is, one kid in particular never seems to stay in his bed. Because you know, floor of the bedroom:
landing of the stairs: 

and on top of daddy:
Are just far more comfortable. 

What have I learned from this? Leave them be. Who really cares where they're sleeping, as long as they are? By the way, stair landing and on daddy are totally the same night. We moved him from the stairs (because, ya know, hazard!), but after a few hours in his bed, he ended up in ours. I figure it won't last forever, so I may as well let them sneak in our room in the wee hours. I'll get sleep without kicks in the kidney when they're in high school. 


  1. Millie never stays in her bed either, I've found her in her rocking chair, on the floor, standing up laying her face and stomach on her bed. (that's the funniest, how do you sleep like that?) kids

  2. HA! My 4 year old also sneaks into our bed every night and I just keep thinking that one day I'll be sad when he doesn't show up. But I don't think I will miss the punches to my face.


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