Stilettos and Diapers: Flip It and Reverse It.


Flip It and Reverse It.

The hubs was gone the whole week last week and I basically melted into a little puddle of exhaustion when he got home. The good thing about being apart, is you really savor the time when you get back together. Our weekend was a really great one. It started off with dinner with friends on Friday night and T-ball Saturday. Callan wants to "play baseball!" so badly, so he was thrilled that the dugout was open and he could hang out with his brother during the game. 
Sunday, we went to church and looked like the brightest family on the block. Cal was dressed like a retired Floridian in his adorable FabKids getup and fell asleep in the car. This picture made me realize my baby isn't quite "baby" anymore. 
Sunday on the way home from church, we stopped at Dicks to look at canoes. We've been talking about it since we moved here, but kept putting it off for some reason. Well, we ended up buying a canoe we can all fit in and a single kayak for times we just want to go out alone for some peace and quiet. We took them both out with my sis and we wondered why we waited so long to buy them! 
The boys loved it and much to my amazement, sat still enough for us not to flip either boat. 

My arms feel like they're going to fall off today, after carrying the boats down to the water and all the paddling. I should have some sweet shoulders by summer! We followed up the lake time with grilling burgers and hanging on the deck. I seriously love living here! (Remind me of this when it's 100 degrees out!)

So of course after a fun weekend, my kitchen looked like this. 
When I saw this huge island during our house hunting, I thought about how much easier it would be to keep the kitchen clean with so much space. Umm, not so much. It just collects even more crap. Luckily, staying up until 11:15 got it all cleaned up last night and ready for the week. I'm prepping for my family to come in Friday, Cooper's 6th Birthday party on Saturday and Easter on Sunday! 


  1. Yay i love canoeing! Thats my biggest complaint about Denver, not a lot of water anywhere for these kinds of activities!

  2. Thanks for sharing your messy kitchen counter. So few people share the messes. It's nice to know you're real. Haha!

    And the canoeing sounds like so much fun!


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