Stilettos and Diapers: So Fly {Little Fashion}


So Fly {Little Fashion}

I know I'm partial, but honestly. They just don't get cuter than this guy. 
Fab Kids So Fly Outfit Fab Kids So Fly Outfit Fab Kids So Fly Outfit Native Jefferson Shoe Fab Kids So Fly Outfit Fab Kids So Fly Outfit
Pants and Top: FabKids c/o | Shoes: Native

I love that my Cooper has his own sense of style. He loves picking out his own clothes every day for school and loves even more when I let him pick out what clothes we buy. FabKids is so perfect for him because he can pick out an entire outfit he likes. I know it will match and be a good price. ($30 bucks for the whole outfit and frequent deals like $20 for the second!) You can't beat it! Oh, and I'm so tempted to buy myself a pair of the new shoes they have for girls. Benefit of being short means I get to shop for shoes in the girls section! 

In other news, how do you like our grass? It's seriously like crunchy hay. We've never had bermuda sod before and people keep saying it's going to turn green any day... I'm very skeptical. 


  1. he is adorable!

    And we've had Bermuda for years-- it WILL eventually turn green, just takes a while to come out of it's dormant state, especially if it's been a cold winter. The great thing about bermuda is that it's hard to kill and does well in dry summers, so it doesn't need as frequent watering as some other types of grass. :)

  2. So cute!! I'm getting ready to do some FabKids reviews on my blog and was looking for other blogger reviews of the company and came across your blog. :) My two year old has this shirt as well!


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