Stilettos and Diapers: Coral, Mint and Spring! {Fashion}


Coral, Mint and Spring! {Fashion}

Coral and Mint for Spring Coral and Mint for Spring Coral and Mint for Spring Mint Tote for Spring Coral and Mint for Spring Coral Stripes and Mint Tote Coral and Mint for Spring Coral and Mint for Spring
Jeans | Top: Kohl's last season, similar | Bag: Legacy c/o | Booties: Kohl's last season, almost identical here | Umbrella: Coach Outlet | Necklace | Bracelet | Nails 

I do realize that my last fashion post was these exact colors. But it's spring now, so you just may see these colors much more! These pictures were actually taken 2 days ago, when it was 40 and rainy out. I do love using my umbrella, which I snagged at the Coach outlet for $20, but I'm so looking forward to a warmed up and sunny weekend! 

Truth about moms trying to take pictures of their outfits: you will almost always have a child (or 2) in your pics. Which I really love. I mean the excitement on his face from sneaking in the shot? It's perfect! 

Also, I never realize just how bad I'm in need of a root touch up until I upload pictures and see them, large on the computer screen. I thought I should try to get some kind of editing program to cover it up in a time such as this, but then I realized that I'm wearing nothing over $40. I think I'll just stick to real life and boxed color over here. 


  1. LOVE the bag, such a gorgeous hue! And yes on the kiddos. E's little hands can be seen in many a corner of my shots!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, you do. I can't change to another one, even when it doesn't match. :)

  3. Love the outfit!!! bag, umbrella, and top!!!

  4. I got a mint bag for my birthday and now it's spring I can wear it!!! YAY! Love these colors together!

  5. Love the umbrella, esp. for $20!!

  6. which box color do you use? (brand etc?) my hair is dark as well, i usually just get black, but yours is dark, yet doesn't look black.... does any of this make sense? haha! thanks! and ps, i wish my roots looked this good when needing a touch up!


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