Stilettos and Diapers: Life isn't fair, Dr. Martin Luther King.


Life isn't fair, Dr. Martin Luther King.

There I was, in the garage, after I made the decision to stay sane and walk away from my boys for a few minutes. 

There are days that they are so loving to each other. They play so sweet, they share. Then there are those days that no matter who does what, when or where, they're fighting. There's screaming, snatching toys, and boy wrestling that dad may jump into, but oh not me. I just put my weave in, after all. The incessant tattling gets on my last nerve when I hear "he took Lightning McQueen" for the 13th time. God forbid he open the drawer of cars and take one of the several other die cast, smiling front cars, that look exactly the same. 

"He's trying to bite me, he took my drumstick, he hit me with a sword and I almost died." 

Really? How about we go to opposite ends of the room and play with the toy store we've somehow accumulated in here? How about you pillow fight on an empty floor instead of on a box of legos so I don't have to care to wounded torsos? 

Oh right. Because you're kids. Your little boys with a streak of wild and much to my demise,  a whole lot of wit. 

Because there I am, in the garage, looking for rubbermaid boxes full of decorations. I'll decorate the house and drink a glass of wine, while the boys fight and the hubs works well past 5pm. I last about 1.9 minutes before I hear voices calling me. How do they always seem to know when I'm more than 1 room away? 

"Mom! Why are you out here? LIGHTNING MCQUEEN! Oh, I want to play outside instead."

No. No you can't play outside. The sun is setting and it's 25 degrees. We're going to stay inside tonight. 

"That's not fair."

Then I become my mother and say words I swore I'd never tell my kids. Life's not fair. 

"That's so mean. Just like those people Mr. Dr. King talked about. Didn't you learn from my teacher? It isn't just about being fair to people no matter what their skin looks like. It's about being fair to everyone. I'm telling my dad that you don't listen to Mr. Dr. King."

Someone pour me another glass of wine while I shiver on the porch, watching my kids play outside. Thanks, Martin Luther King. 


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  1. Ha! Totally, 100 percent get this. I also have two boys, they fight 98 percent of the time and then I'm completely shocked the 2 percent they get along! Enjoy your glass of wine:).

  2. Hilarious. I love that kids seem to remember things when they're ready to tell us adults we're wrong.

  3. This is hysterical! I have boys too & the one thing they fight over the most that makes me crazy is the Indiana Jones Lego DS game. Mind you we have three, they still fight--did I mention I have three boys, three games, gah! Thanks for this post--love it

  4. hahahha oh my goodness, I have two little boys too, they're only 1 & 2 right now, but it's already begun, I feel like I can relate to this and I laughed so hard. They ALWAYS know when you're more than one room away!
    Hey, at least you have wine! ;)


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