Stilettos and Diapers: My Top Beauty Must Haves


My Top Beauty Must Haves

I've recently started using a few beauty products that I'm a huge fan of. Here's some of my new faves, along with some old faithfuls that are definitely worth a shot. 

Banana Boat, Maybelline, Ulta, VO5, Forever 21

Banana Boat Summer Color: This is old faithful#1. I've used this for a few years now and it's the best. Only thing that keeps me looking like casper all winter.

Large Sock Bun SpongeHave you ever used one of these? I love a good, messy top knot and usually wear that kind. But. The chic perfect circle bun is really elegant sometimes. This thing will give it to ya. And it will only set you back $1!

Benefit Stay Flawless PrimerHoly mother. This is hands down my new favorite product. It's like rubbing a glue stick all over your face, then applying your makeup. No, really, it is. Usually my makeup is pretty non existent by night time. The first day I used this, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror after wrestling my boys to bed. I did a double take because I looked like I did that morning. Sold. Sold. Sold. It does set quickly once you put it on, so I work in sections. Rub the primer on one location, then blend in your foundation. I use a BB cream with it and it works great. 

Eco Tools Bamboo Brush Set: I got these as a Klout perk a couple months ago, but just recently opened them. Very impressed at how well they blend eyeshadow and I really love the eyebrow brush. 

Maybelliene Color Sensational Vivids in Fuchsia Flash: I've had this since last summer, but have loved wearing it in the winter lately. Adds a bright pop to your winter wardrobe. I'm wearing a thin layer over chapstick here and it's layed on thick here and here.  

Eos Lip Balm: Need I say more? This stuff is amazing. And it comes in a 5 pack at Costco, for us addicted folk. 

Ulta Nail Lacquer: Bought my first bottle of this a couple weeks ago for $3. Was totally shocked when I put it on at how thick it was and how great it covered with just 1 coat. I topped with a clear Ulta coat and the polish was baller for an entire week. 1 week! That's really unheard of for me. Now, I did hear from one person, that their color didn't cover that well in 1 coat. Maybe it's specific colors? I have the shade "devious" and it's a perfect, very dark purple. You can see my Instagram shot of it here.

VO5 Leave in Conditioner: This is a newbie within a couple weeks. It tames my fly aways, makes my ends smoother and gives me shine galore! 

And there you have it. I'm in no way an expert, I just like this stuff and hope y'all do too! 


  1. I've been wanting to try that Benefit primer for a while now but I am soooooooo picky when it comes to primers. Maybe I can snag a sample somehow!! I do love that self tanner and EOS lip balm and the EcoTools brushes are very good quality!

  2. I sure love my sock bun sponge, too. I wear it most days. EOS is the best ever. I need to pick up some Ulta polish. If it lasts a week, I'm sold!

  3. ULTA is hands down my fav! There's one right beside my apartment complex and I go there all the time! lol

  4. I love Benefit products, but have never tried their primer.


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