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Golden Globes: Looks for Everyday

I loved watching the Golden Globes last night! It's so much fun to see everyone all dressed up gorgeous and maybe dream a little about getting to wear fabulous clothes like that! I did a little searching today and founds some things that are similar in style to my favorites from last night, but more appropriate for the lifestyle of us "regular" folk. 
Lupita Nyong'o was hands down my favorite look of the night. The dress is so classic and sophisticated, yet has such a modern touch. It's literally perfect. I found this dress that gives the same feeling, with a much more casual look and much more reasonably priced! 
I've always had a thing for Kate Beckinsale, but she was insanely gorgeous last night! This dress, while still $400, could have you looking so similar to Kate that you may just feel like you're getting a Golden Globe yourself. 
The Good Wife is in my top 3 favorite shows right now and I think Julianna Margulies is pretty amazing in it. I want to wear the dress she wore last night to every function I ever have. I love the gold accents so much. Looks so very sophisticated, but not uncomfortable! This dress is a short one, but I love how it has the similar gold accents. 
The hubs thinks Sofia Vergara is amazing and I really don't get it. But the dress? Adore. I found a couple similar ones in short versions here and here, that you could pull off for a dinner party. 
Lastly, lets just talk about the fact that I never looked this incredible while pregnant. Holy wow. I love the long sleeve of Olivia Wilde's dress and the fact that they're aren't any of the gathers on the side like a lot of maternity clothing. This dress has the sleeves and the fitted features I love in a short version, but I couldn't find any maternity dress quite this amazing.  Here's one that I would love to wear non-preggo, though! 

What was your favorite look from the Golden Globes?


  1. I had a picture of Kate Beckinsale and I guess I deleted it. She's nowhere in my recap and should have been. She looks amazing!

  2. Sofia Vergara is my favorite dress I've seen from last night. Hands down!

  3. LOVE that you found fun, affordable versions of my fave dresses from the night :)

  4. I didn't catch any of the Globes coverage last night live but of the articles I've seen of the clothing I do have to say I really enjoy what Olivia Wilde wore. In my opinion it was far better than what Drew Barrymore wore & I feel like she's been in the business longer (hello, ET!) and has probably been to more awards shows than Olivia, It just seemed overly busy & the only thing less attractive I've seen on a celebrity or "celebrity" may have been the awful dress Kim Kardashian wore to whatever event her & Kanye were at when she was pregnant & she looked like she was wearing a dress made out of bad couch fabric. And that's my two cents on the matter...

  5. oh i love Julianna Margulies' dress! id wear that one anywhere. target? absolutely. yes please.

  6. She is an amazingly gorgeous pregnant woman! I love the black and gold you found - you should get it!! And I think Kate Beckinsale is probably the prettiest woman ever.


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