Stilettos and Diapers: Easy DIY Shoe Storage Shelves


Easy DIY Shoe Storage Shelves

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Simply by the name of this blog, you know that I'm kinda a shoe gal. I don't like getting rid of any and up until this move, my shoes have been living in their boxes. With 120 some odd pairs, you can imagine how much space that took up. I decided when we moved here, that I wanted to do something to display my shoes. This would show off the pretty ones, as well as force me to get rid of the awful ones. 

The hubs went out of town last week and I got to work. 3 hours and $70 later, my shoes were proudly on display. Well, the pretty ones. 
Shoe shelves, diy
Now, this was a fairly simple task. I don't know an awful lot about woodworking, construction or home building, but this project wasn't difficult. I did it myself, with only the hubs drill and didn't run into any issues. 

Here are the parts that I used. Everything is available at Lowes. 

I got the 48" long shelf. They have lots of different sizes. I could have gone a few inches longer, but I didn't want (or have a way) to cut the shelves down. Only con was that the shelves had the label on them that was very difficult to get off. I ended up peeling it off, ripping 3 nails, then using a soapy sponge to soak the rest off.

E-Z Ancor Drywall Anchors: 2 package at $5.98
You only need these if you're not drilling into a stud. I hit the stud for 2 out of 3 holes per bracket, so only used 1 of the actual anchors in each bracket. You will need the screws, though.

3/4" Wood Screws: $2
These are just to secure the shelf to the brackets, so you don't want them to be long enough to come through the top of the shelf. 
Shoe shelves, diy

Step 1: Measure 

Before you even buy supplies, you'll need to decide how high up you want your first shelf, then how far apart you want all your shelves. I went with 18" off the ground for my first shelf so that my tall boots could stand up underneath. The rest of the shelves are all 9" apart. This worked out for me to make everything nice and even looking in the space I had. Make sure you double and triple measure before you go putting holes in the wall. Once you decide on your measurements, mark in pencil where the first 2 bottom brackets should go, height wise. 

Step 2: Hang your brackets

I used a stud finder to since I wanted to make these shelves as sturdy as possible. Since the bracket goes up into a Y shape, I hit the stud with 2 screws and had to use a dry wall anchor on 1 of them. Make sure your brackets are level before hanging the second one. I used a yardstick and this tiny level since I couldn't find our regular one! Hold the second bracket in place with the yard stick balanced. move until it's level, then mark the screw holes with pencil. Shoe shelves, diy
Once you get that first set of brackets hung, it's easy. Just keep measuring up, and drilling in the brackets, making sure you are keeping everything level. 

Step 3: Attach your shelves

Start from the top! This is important so you have room to get the drill and your arm underneath to put the screws in. Going from underneath, put the wood screw through the bracket and into the shelf, pushing down on the shelf as you go. 
Shoe shelves, diy

Step 4. Add your shoes!

Step back and feel like a total rockstar. Send pictures to your besties, then fill those shelves up! Shoe shelves, diy
Shoe shelves, diy
Put your shoes in however makes the most sense for you. I alternated the direction of mine to maximize space. I have a shelf of booties, a shelf of colorful shoes, a shelf of wedges and a shelf of black shoes. I have all my bags on the existing shelf above the shoes.
Shoe shelves, diy
I have a few pairs of flats and sandals on the floor still. I did end up getting rid of 23 pairs of shoes, so I'm proud of myself. Next step, jewelry organizing and eventually, hanger uniformity!
Shoe shelves, diy
I debated buying some of those cube shoe organizers, but they would have cost way more and would have taken up much more room. I'm so happy with how these turned out!


  1. You would die laughing at my tiny shoe collection! Your's looks like work of art :) Love the new shelf!

  2. I love this! I can't wait to have a closet with storage space!!

  3. love it! ! !

    pls follow me back !

  4. I have those cubed cubbies, but I like the way yours looks better. It's more organized and you can see the whole shoe. Love it

  5. This storage place is great to store your excess items, whichever they may be.

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