Stilettos and Diapers: Coated Denim and Glow in the Dark {A Little Fashion Post}


Coated Denim and Glow in the Dark {A Little Fashion Post}

The hubs is a pretty straight laced kinda dresser, with pops of trendy. Think Banana Republic, JCrew and Gap. He wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of super skinny jeans, or anything that resembles what a skateboarder would wear. 

Cooper on the other hand...
 photo 3ae507a6-7e86-453a-90d4-a2c55df13a37_zps1420cd2a.jpg
Let's just say he may get as excited over fashion as his mom. 
 photo 1740b6bd-be26-4ad8-b88f-a540841a4965_zps4f5cc2ae.jpg
And if it glows in the dark, like this man on the moon top? There is a cry of success. 
 photo 369f51d3-4cb2-4d3f-81b8-348ef5c25628_zps6a11ff0d.jpg  photo 0bd7f646-3406-44c7-bb94-643d047d2d0e_zps99372c14.jpg
I love seeing the outfit this guy picks out. We just had to move up to a size 6 to get the length and I'm sucking in those adjustable waist just as far as they will go. Somehow this chubby baby with thighs for days is now a stick! 

 photo 640e7846-a8a8-4d97-9ca1-f371cc3a3b5e_zps1ebe6059.jpg
Tee and jeans: FabKids c/o | Boots: Target (sold out, similar here)

Just a little FYI, new this year, FabKids has lowered the prices of their outfits and they're all $29.95! I bought several outfits for the boys for Christmas because I like their stuff that much. And they hold up in the wash! Wahoo! 

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  1. He's so stinkin' cute, Molly!!!

  2. those jeans are adorable! and holy hannah look at you when he was just a baby! hot mama!

  3. His facial expressions are just too much fun!! :)

  4. What a handsome little guy! I love dressing up a boy...there is so much fun stuff. I can't believe I used to be worried!

  5. He is entirely too cute!! And I am in the same boat - buying a size up for the length. Thank goodness for adjustable waist.


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