Stilettos and Diapers: Christmas in January


Christmas in January

 photo 1ff4807d-3a4d-4297-9147-a5db3f84fbfd_zps70a3961d.jpg
It hasn't been an entire month since Christmas and I'm getting around to posting pictures. I'm calling it a success. On Christmas Eve, we pushed most of the boxes out of camera view and spent the day ignoring the fact that we just moved in. It was a magical day, in our new house with just our little family.  
 photo file_zpsc802bfe2.jpg  photo 6aad7cf6-d777-41c0-be95-7a92dedaa0e0_zps8477f953.jpg  photo file_zps040a4e21.jpg
 photo f4bf2309-a047-4bd0-bbce-429021e1a63c_zps2ec04125.jpg
Santa couldn't fit the boys big gift down the chimney, so he left a note and put the playground boxes in the garage. Now if only those elves stuck around for the assembly...

 photo file_zpsb3ada612.jpg
I have picture progression of Cooper's faces while he opened most of his gifts. This one, the gift he really wanted, is the most dramatic. His expressions crack me up. 
 photo 33282bbb-1320-45dc-9730-865dc54f6826_zps238904ea.jpg  photo 9020b335-a5c1-4327-adde-c8cd90cbfeb1_zps7e5c77f0.jpg
All I wanted was to be in our house for Christmas. And these leopard, sparkly slippers. Both are being put to good use. 
 photo bf2f9efd-05d6-49f2-9e2a-3423bb0ab755_zps3950f5a4.jpg
We followed up our solo Christmas with a visit from my family, followed by a trip to see the hubs family in NY. We got to get it all in this year, which is amazing! 

Now, can we do it all over again? I love Christmas! 


  1. Looks like y'all had a great Christmas! How awesome you got to spend it in the new home!!!

  2. Despite the fact it's a month later (which I am sure all of us mothers can relate), looks like you guys had the best time! The pictures of the boys just tell a story all in themselves! Wishing you a wonderful 2014!

  3. Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas :)

  4. such a merry christmas!
    love those expressions on your sweet boys!

  5. Oh my gosh love their expressions too cute. love your house shoes too.

  6. I have those pajamas from Target, and love them! Where are the boys pajamas from? Too cute! I love the excitement on their faces. Great pictures!


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