Stilettos and Diapers: 2014 Goals. (and the lack thereof)


2014 Goals. (and the lack thereof)

I'm not a big New Years Resolution person. I've always made some kind of list of your regular stuff, but never really tried to check stuff off. 

This year as we were on the 12 hour drive home from NY, the hubs and I were chatting about goals and the people we want to be. There are definitely things I see in myself that I want to change. I know there always will be, but now is a good time to write them down to have a reminder of those specific things. 

My biggest thing that I want to do better this year? 

Relax. Not the 'sit on the couch and watch Real Housewives' kind, but more towards my kids. I want to let my boys be boys. Muddy clothes, messy rooms and pantries disheveled by snack searchers are only for a short time. I've been spending too much time cleaning and worrying about messes when I should be playing and giggling with my boys.

Be a better mom. I know I will forever have a list of ways to improve as a mom. This year, I want to stay calm, to not yell and to show mercy. I want my kids to know everyone makes mistakes and has accidents. I want them to know mom will teach them, but not be mad at them over the little things. 

Take care of myself. I've always thought it, but somehow I always push it off. I was recently hit in the face with reality when I started having a lot of back pain, especially when I pick up Callan. I've been putting off follow up appointments with a spinal surgeon and it's caused everyone in the family to have to do things differently. I can't expect to be a great wife and mom if I'm not taking care of myself, physically and mentally. I need breaks and that's okay. As much as I love the weekend family time, I need to prioritize at least an hour or two of me time. 

Be healthy. I'm not going to say I want to loose weight, because I don't. What I want to do is be strong and healthy. I don't care what the scale says. I will never completely give up dessert, coffee creamer or chocolate at midnight. What I do want to do, is put a focus on filling my body with clean and organic food and exercising. The treats are just that. Special things on occasion that I'm not going to feel bad about splurging on.

And that's about it for now. I'm taking baby steps to become the person I want to be. The results aren't measurable, but I hope to look back at the end of the year and see that I have improved. 

On a lighter note, there are some fun little things that I would like to do before I turn 30 (gah!) this year. I think I'll start a 30 before 30 project to check some things off my bucket list! 


  1. I can totally jump on board with the goals, too! Can we add 'community service' to your list... as in, helping a neighbor learn how to dress herself after her baby arrives? ;)

  2. im adapting your goals to be my own goals. plus a visit to you!
    stay warm! xxo

  3. These are all great goals, Molly! My goals are definitely always ones that I can do to better myself!

  4. Your goals are great! Taking care of oneself should be top priority!

  5. These are pretty much the same goals I have for myself this year. I would also like to Blog more. I will put that under "time for myself" since it's something I really enjoy.

  6. Thank you for being real! I have to say I look forward to your blog posts & IG posts everday & appreciate that you aren't pinterest perfect all the time. Thank you again!

  7. Clearly, you should come see me and I should come see you! And.. yes!! Take care of yourself!! I have seen first hand that you put yourself last! I love you more than my luggage. :)


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