Stilettos and Diapers: August 2013


Farmer's Market {A Fashion Post}

You know summer is coming to an end when you head out for breakfast and have to run back in for a jacket. I love the crisp coolness of fall, but I don't think I'm quite ready for it yet. Over the weekend, we stopped at a nearby farmer's market in the cutest little downtown drag you've ever seen. It's quickly become my favorite spot in Charlotte.
 photo 986e7994-9446-4949-a019-12844a8bf4d6_zps69de91be.jpg  photo 323cff60-2bb3-4375-965f-ae2e825a09bb_zps1dcc557d.jpg  photo 8c2637f2-8d4a-4ad3-825d-c612e368cbde_zps6d8c5843.jpg  photo file_zps79e2340f.jpg  photo file_zps8c459b9b.jpg  photo file_zps330f729a.jpg

I love, love this Magic Kingdom bag from JustFab, but I didn't bring another one and have been carrying it for 6 weeks. I can't wait to get back to DC this weekend and get some more of my stuff! Oh and it will be so, so good to sleep in my bed! 


First Day of Kindergarten: A Vlog

One of the first things Cooper asked for after getting home from his first day of Kindergarten, was to talk about it on YouTube. Just doing what I'm told. Oh, and you should totally subscribe to his channel. He already has a list of movies he wants to make. 


Introducing...some exciting news!

Many of you know that last year, I started an online jewelry and accessory boutique, Molly Suzanne. I've had so much fun with it and have enjoyed purchasing great pieces for y'all to be able to get for reasonable prices. I'm happy to announce that Molly Suzanne is now expanding and will be offering fantastic, fashionable clothing very soon! 

The pieces I've picked are all things I want to wear, just like the jewelry I've been buying. You'll find a bit of the everyday kind of pieces, mixed in with funkier ones like leather trimmed leggings and cardigans, leopard pants and tunics and much more! Here is a look at some of what you'll be seeing by this weekend!
online boutique, leopard tunic, molly suzanne, aztec cardigan
I am so excited about this and am trying to resist the urge to take one of everything for myself. (Who am I kidding, I'm totally taking them.) Make sure you follow Molly Suzanne on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to keep updated and to enter a little pre-clothing giveaway! I've gotten the majority of these fab pieces in already and they will be available as soon as I can get them listed!

Recently, my sister has started an online boutique as well, Avery Lane. She offers great game day collections and some different things than I offer. Check her shop out!


The First of the First Days.

My Cooperman,

I never thought it would be this hard to send you to school. To trust someone else to take care of you. You've spent nearly every day of your life with me and I really don't want it any other way. 

In my mind, you're still the snuggly little baby that I carried for nearly 10 months, labored 36 hours for and brought home from the hospital. Today, I have no choice but to realize that you aren't that baby anymore. That I can't open every wrapper for you, button your pants every time you get dressed or scoop you up every time you fall down. 

Your excitement the past few days has shown me just how grown up you really are. You've asked lots of questions. You've picked right up on how to open your own yogurt and wipe your own butt. I'm sure you've been able to do this for quite some time, but I finally let you be a big boy. And I'm so proud of you.
I didn't keep it together for very long after we dropped you off this morning and our eyes are glistening in every picture. You hugged us both and yelled "don't be a stranger!" as we left. Thanks for making me laugh like you always do. 

Right now, you just left lunch and are headed to math. I know it because I have your class schedule on my desk. I told daddy that I wanted to sit in the parking lot and watch you on the playground. As I said it, I realized people would probably call the police on me, so I came home instead. I am looking forward to spending some time with your brother, just like the solo time I got to spend with you. Although, he's currently napping and there's not much I wouldn't give to hear you talking my ears off right now. 

I can't wait to see how much you learn and how much you grow over this school year. You soak up information like a sponge, so I know I'm going to be completely blown away by you. You're going to make your teacher laugh and teach your friends some serious dance moves.  I don't know how I could be more proud, but I think it will happen. 

I love you, Cooper. My baby, who isn't quite a baby anymore. Go be a big boy. Mommy will be thinking of you every second. 


Clean Eating: 10 Minute Pasta Dinner {Recipe}

I'm really bad about cooking when the hubs is out of town, or has an evening work event. Typically, when I'm here with just the boys, I have a salad or we just eat cereal. With many more work events in this new job, I will be spending more dinners without the hubs, so the cereal isn't going to cut it. I threw this pasta dish together this week and it was a winner for everyone. 
 photo IMG_0214_zps08371ec7.jpg
I love these organic Normandy vegetables from Costco. I keep them in my freezer for times when I'm in a hurry, or when I need to go restock the fresh veggies. 
 photo fc4c0058-20c3-418a-a3ea-86747a4ae4cb_zpsf043f69c.jpg

1 Box Whole Wheat Pasta
2-3 Cups Frozen, Organic Vegetables
2 Tbsp Coconut Oil
1/2 Cup Feta Cheese
3/4 tsp Garlic Salt
1/4 Cup Parmesan Cheese
Sprinkle Crushed Red Pepper, if desired

 photo IMG_0215_zpsc7bfddd0.jpg
 photo IMG_0217_zpsae16d800.jpg

Boil pasta according to directions. Add in vegetables for the last 3-4 minutes and drain. Return to pot. Stir in coconut oil until melted, then and add remaining ingredients. Toss and serve with more parmesan cheese, if desired. The coconut oil acts like butter would and melts into the pasta. It does create a bit of a coconut flavor, but my whole family thinks it's delicious! Much better for you than butter or other oils, too! 

I have made this dish before with chicken, just cut into bite sized pieces and sautéed in coconut oil. Just as delicious, but adds a few more minutes. This dish is great for vegetarians, or just for a quick meal! 
 photo IMG_0221_zps2a5ff99e.jpg
Best part of this meal? It can be made in our rental, which is furnished with a grand total of 4 pots. Nothing better than a 1 pot meal! 

Looking for an easier way to get dinner on the table? Try eMeals! With tons of plans to choose from, including the new Mediterranean plan, Clean Eating, Low-Fat, Gluten Free and many more, there's something for everyone! If you sign up in August, you'll get a free 31 days of snacks calendar to keep you serving your kids a variety of healthy foods after school. You can also save 15% off your entire purchase using the code SCHOOL15!


Back to School Shopping!

Back to school. It's all that seems to be on my mind lately. With 4 days left to go, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little panicked. I also have felt very unprepared in this whole process. Since I was homeschooled, I don't really know what to tell Cooper to expect or things I need to prepare him for. 

The one thing I knew I would be good at, is the back to school shopping. I can shop with the best of 'em and I love a good deal. A few weeks back, Kohl's gave me the challenge of going back to school shopping at their stores, documenting my finds and more importantly, my savings. 
 photo 3607c7f2-a0c2-4271-9517-9d1cdf9b3a96_zpsb43fa056.jpg  photo 8c378294-6106-4ea4-b146-954cd6bb6188_zps6b80c969.jpg  photo file_zps8016bc21.jpg  photo 3816b3e3-d0de-42d0-a07a-d471513de0ed_zpsc2ef2369.jpg
I've always been a big Kohl's fan, so I'm no stranger to their amazing deals. The deals I got during our 2 trips blew me away. Here's the breakdown: 
The whole trip was basically one big excitement-fest. Cooper was running all over the store with his own cart, shrieking over everything that had a character on it. He also loved trying clothes on in the dressing room! I don't think he's actually ever done it! 
After about 2 hours, we had tons of stuff and headed home. We got lots of clothes, underwear, socks, pjs, a hat, sunglasses and even a backpack and lunchbox. Which are adorable, right? I was very pleased with Kohl's selection. They had the characters Cooper wanted and the more fashionable ones I wanted for him. We ended up with a great balance of the two, I think. 
After sorting through stuff with dad, we realized we didn't get shoes! We also decided he needed another pair of jeans and a few more dressier shirts. Oh and something for me to wear to open house. Hehe. I absolutely adore these little Nikes that he got. The hubs was happy, since he's a bit of a brand snob, that Kohl's carries lots of great brands. 
So what were the deals? Well, I had a 15% off coupon that I got in my email just for being on Kohl's mailing list. Then it was Kohl's cash time during the first trip, so I got $40, which I spent on the second trip. I saved a TON. 

Total spent$358.27

Total saved: $481.92

That's just over 57% off everything! A fantastic deal in my book! I got pretty much everything Cooper needs for the school year, outside of a jacket/winter sweaters. If he even ends up needing those here, I'll be headed back to Kohl's

Visit Kohl's Back to School page to grab anything else you need to grab for school! 

Check out this Mama to see her #KohlsBack2School deals too! 

Thanks to Kohl's for giving me a gift card to their store in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own. 


Ending Of An Era.

A mullet era, that is. Callan's precious curls suddenly turned into a straight rat tail once we got to NC. The humidity is even messing with his virgin hair

Being the whack I am, I decided to cut it off myself, because that's what I did with Cooper. Obviously, Callan is much more of a wild man than Cooper was, so I was scared. (And poorly dressed. And had really greasy, couple day old hair.)
 photo c020b174-d654-439f-888d-c8c4ff6cbb6c_zpsad6f22e2.jpg
Little flashback to 15 month old Cooper getting his first haircut in our kitchen.

But Callan sat nicely and pointed to the baby in the mirror the whole time. 
 photo file_zpse9b59836.jpg
The tiny amount of leftover curl. Kind of heartbreaking. 
 photo file_zpsafc7becf.jpg  photo file_zpsb57d9881.jpg
Suddenly, he's 4 years old. 
 photo f408d2d8-d7df-44b2-9615-112723d434b4_zps07ef796c.jpg  photo 82a9607b-8768-4070-8f73-2e9ec85f1b6f_zps1814baca.jpg


Boyfriends for the Weekend {A Fashion Post}

Looking for a cleanser that will help your Mom acne? Read my review of Clearasil's new Superfruit Cleansers here

 photo 1df4a620-e7a1-4882-9a8d-88596f31ce7b_zpsc78314f4.jpg  photo file_zps15c8605b.jpg  photo f49d296f-18c1-40f2-8cda-5d6568ecd149_zps25f983a8.jpg  photo file_zps5a102566.jpg
 photo 964a92ff-edde-4128-9be1-a2e3f08e4455_zpsd9853752.jpg
Jeans | Tee | Bag c/o | Sandals c/o | BeltJewelry | Sunnies (similar)

This past weekend, we took the boys to see planes and spent the evening walking around one of my favorite little shopping areas. I knew I wanted to be comfortable and also be prepared for an entire bucket of popcorn to be dumped on me, which it totally did. I decided to wear these amazingly comfortable boyfriend jeans that I got recently and one of my favorite, worn to death tees. Adding in some jewelry and a pop of leopard made this super casual outfit work for the weekend!

Are you in on the boyfriend trend yet? If not, just go try a pair on. You'll fall in love!

FYI, today is the last day you can vote for me in H&M's 50 states of fashion contest! I'm currently #2 in North Carolina! Head over here and give me one last vote, please! Thanks! 

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On life in North Carolina.

We've now been in Charlotte for 10 days. We've found a pile of awesome parks and nailed a total winner Chinese take out restaurant on the first attempt. Our lot is cleared and construction is about to kick off. This are going great. 

I have learned some new things since living here. 

North Carolina humidity is bad. Really bad. My hair never looks good anymore. 

The temperatures are low, though. I will be wearing shorts and a bed sheet as a cardigan until we get back to VA to get winter clothes. 

Pine straw is really slippery. Don't try to walk downhill on it in heels.

What Charlotte-ians call traffic is nothing more than a relaxing ride. The "horrific" traffic down the highway? Yeah, it's 90 minutes less than DC, so I think we'll deal. 

Rented furnished apartments don't come equipped for someone who cooks every night. 4 pots and 1 small pyrex dish? Not exactly going to cut it. Not to mention my leftovers are all in ziplock bags. 

Speaking of apartments, I forgot how loud neighbors above you can be. I think ours must be training elephants up there. 

But, the noise can be overlooked with this view in the backyard. 

Charlotte's downtown, which is called Uptown, is the Seriously. It's like a big city in a small package. With $5 parking. Amaze

Harris Teeter is actually great. No one can beat Wegmans, like ever, but if I can get over my grocery budget having to go up by about a 1/3, I think I'll be able to survive. 

Charlotte is hippie central. Never have I seen so many people all boho and cool. I'm jealous in a way, then I remember I've never been to a thrift store and I realize I don't fit in at all. 

People here are super nice. I've talked to everyone, everywhere. There isn't a time I go out that someone doesn't go out of their way to talk to me and it's lovely. Also? People don't seem to cast those laser judgment eyes when my kids scream in the grocery store. Thanks, y'all. 

I like saying y'all again. Like all the time without feeling weird. It's only been 10 days, but I already feel my southern twang creeping back a bit. It's awesome. 

I'm really excited to be a Carolinian. 


Tribal Pop {A Fashion Post}

Top | Leggings | Shoes c/o | Bag c/o | Necklace | Lips

I put this outfit on the other night before I took Cal to the doctor. It's super comfy and I wanted to have him all snuggled up. The hubs looked at me and said "you're wearing the most ridiculous outfit in all the world to the hospital?" Oh men. I changed into gym clothes and saved this outfit for today, so I can embarrass the hubs when I meet up with him after work. Muahaha. 

I had to buy a few basic pieces to hold me over until we get back to Virginia in a couple weeks and I can get more of my clothes. I can't believe how cool it's getting here! It's 63 degrees right now and only supposed to be a high of 66 tomorrow. Where did summer go all of a sudden?! I'm mourning the gradual loss of my sweet beach tan, but I guess if I'm already covering it all up, it doesn't matter so much. These shoes are 1 of 2 pairs of closed toes I have here. I was packing thinking of the beach, so all I brought was flip flops and sandals!

I'm so excited for the weekend! We have plans to do some serious Charlotte exploring, go to the movies with the boys and do a little more back to school shopping. Oh and speaking of shopping, GAP is having a huge sale through tomorrow. You can take and extra 50% off clearance stuff using the code GAPSALE. I grabbed some good stuff for the hubs since they sell tall sizes online! 

Happy Friday, y'all! 

I will quit bugging y'all to vote for me in H&M's 50 states of fashion contest in 5 days. But until then, help a girl out, pretty please! Click here, then click the vote button in the center of the picture and that's it! (You don't have to subscribe to the newsletter to vote!) Thank you!!! 


Well, it's about time!

Have you heard? H&M is now finally offering online shopping in the US! I am so excited because there isn't one in Charlotte right now! I just got my first order in the mail. I got a few of these pieces and there are a couple others I need to grab! Apparently, this is going to be the season of black and white for me! 

Loose fit pants - $24.95

Dress - $39.95

Burnout top - $5.95

Knitted dress - $34.95 

Oversized top - $12.95

To kick off their newly available online shopping, H&M is having an Instagram contest and I need your vote! Up for grabs are lots of H&M gift cards and a grand prize of a trip to NYC for fashion week. OhMyGahhhhhh. So head here and vote, pretty please! I am entered in my new state of North Carolina, or you can search for me using my instagram name, stilettodiapers. Just click on my pic. It's this one of me in my favorite H&M top!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! (That is an advance thanks for all the votes you're going to get in for me between now and August 21, when the contest ends. hehe.) Y'all are awesome! 
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