Stilettos and Diapers: July 2013


Black and Citron Date Night {A Fashion Post}

 photo e955ed55-c333-4a46-b578-b2643ff25aca_zps14728fbd.jpg  photo c070bc6c-f411-4aee-baaa-2a0ff5031a16_zpse863f93e.jpg  photo IMG_9147_zpsd3b301bf.jpg  photo IMG_9149_zpsbd7e3889.jpg  photo ae6452c7-bf4c-45a5-aa51-2e74c5c11f89_zps40da86e6.jpg  photo f52cf7b6-70eb-4411-a0f4-31d74545363f_zpsb8c55f39.jpg
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Last night, the hubs and I went on our first dinner date in 8 months. It took us a really long time to remember how long it had actually been. We ate at a delicious restaurant here in Seagrove where we talked, drank great wine and enjoyed uninterrupted time together. It's amazing how easy it is to forget how much you actually like each other. My husband is hysterical and brilliant. I'm so often distracted by little voices and the chaos that is keeping a home, that I loose sight of just how great he is. I really love him. And I love that he took me out so I could dress a little fancy!


Beach Snaps

 photo IMG_9020_zps283fe055.jpg

 photo IMG_8922_zps7593a5b2.jpg

 photo IMG_8976_zps3b629976.jpg

 photo IMG_8958_zps598b8226.jpg

 photo IMG_9083_zps83dc4503.jpg

 photo IMG_9078_zps98a865b4.jpg

 photo IMG_9074_zpsf557882f.jpg

 photo IMG_9111_zps76cabd2a.jpg

 photo IMG_9115_zps7a1007c7.jpg

 photo IMG_9123_zps6bd649a3.jpg
We're in a complete state of relaxation here at the beach. I feel so blessed to be able to come here whenever we can and am so excited to be living a bit closer. This week, we're here with The Hubs family. We've been enjoying the ocean, wine on the balcony and fun with the boy's cousin. 

A moment of excitement happened last night, when someone pulled the fire alarm after seeing smoke from their ice maker. The whole building evacuated, leaving us outside from 1-2am. It was awesome. NOT. Moral of the story? Just don't buy Viking. 

The Hubs and I are going on a date night tonight! It will be our first in...I have no idea. A long time. Thank goodness for grandparents to baby watch! 


Stripes and Mint {A Fashion Post}

Last weekend, we left DC early in the morning, got to Charlotte, put our boys in the hotel room with my sis and went straight to pick out options for our house. I wasn't necessarily the most put together after hours of travel and craziness, but we walked to grab some wine and I couldn't resist the brick sidewalk and swoon worthy trees. 
 photo 10ee98eb-f08a-4cc3-a277-beb443d0b933_zpsb8ef80ee.jpg
In my haste to grab some lip gloss, I grabbed my makeup bag and took a chunk out of my finger with a brand new razor. I am still sporting a rather large scab. That sucker hurt for days. I have it wrapped in a McDonalds napkin for the entirety of these pictures. 
 photo 0f6c6000-8214-4c37-bf1b-b2daa68de1f2_zps64d9b093.jpg  photo 98b7049d-8814-43be-b4c7-bf78361a9e31_zps305410bf.jpg  photo 6e1deb52-7bfa-4c99-b9b8-ff76b3ddfdf0_zps98d56f03.jpg  photo 029232bf-b735-48fe-9286-fd6a23c34fdf_zps26a9d448.jpg  photo b35fa1ec-4576-4c17-9a54-1b770fe0b27e_zps0dc6b58b.jpg
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Today, we are leaving this hotel and headed to the beach! We will be there for a week with the hubs family, then the boys and I are staying another week with my family, followed by some time at my parents house. I am so happy to be able to have some help with the boys and of course, to spend some time with our families! A huge bonus of living in Charlotte, is being so much closer to the beach house. I think there will be many more trips down! 

Check out the gorgeous new Maxi-Cosi Micro AP coming soon! 


The Choice of Gratefulness

This move has been such a challenging time for me. Finding a place to live, packing for indefinite amounts of time, having the hubs gone all day, followed by work dinners, having to drive him everywhere so I have a car to register for school, tie up loose ends with the house, set up mailboxes and keep these boys occupied. It's just been a lot.

Last night, after 2 particularly challenging days in a row, I sat down and took a big breath. I thought about the 5 year old's meltdown in the store over the fact that I wouldn't buy him a $10 stuffed animal. About the baby's screaming at breakfast because I wouldn't let him stand on the table. About the horrific experience I had solo picking out home selections with the boys in tow. Y'all, the poor electrical guy looked at me, with eyes that said "can I please put my newborn child back in before he turns into that". 

When I look in the mirror and notice the alarming rate at which I'm turning grey, I tell myself that we're never moving again. That this is too hard and it's just not worth it.

If I think about the hard stuff, everything seems even harder than it is. These boys are feeling this move as much as I am. They're away from their beds and toys. They're missing the comforts of home. I have to remember that some of the insanity, is just their way of saying "what the eff is happening to our lives"

I made a fourth call this week to corporate housing to see if, by chance, there had been any furnished apartments come available. The lady I spoke to seemed as surprised as I was to see that there was one, just in the system that morning, that is coming available. Not just that, but it happens to be brand new, we can pick furniture and its surrounded by woods and walking trails.

If that's not something to be grateful for, I don't know what is.

We're moving to a beautiful city. We'll soon have a great apartment to live in temporarily. I'm going to be closer to my family. We get to experience the home building process again. The hubs has a great job.

If I sit and reflect on how challenging the day was, it's so easy to feel overwhelmed. To forget all the positives. All the blessings of this move. This is an adventure. A time that brings tons of change, but also wonderful memories for us and our boys. We may be in transition for a few months, but it's such a short time in the grand scheme of things. The time we lived in a hotel for 3 months, during our last move, now seems like a second in time. Sure didn't feel anything like that when we lived there.

I'm currently sitting and watching my boys run around a newly found park. A park on the water with ducks and a picturesque fountain. Yesterday, we were at a park with a splash pad, found a yummy new restaurant and made a friend at our hotel. All things to be grateful for, but they're so easily forgotten after the tantrum of the century. 

I've decided I'm making a choice. A choice to be grateful. And not just to think it, but believe it and act it. To push the negative to the back of my mind and focus on the positive. Yes, it's hard. Yes, my boys are acting like caged animals. (They kindof literally are.) But the good is far better to dwell on than the bad. 



It's not often that I rock the preppy look. This shirt happens to be about 6-7 years old and is the hubs absolute favorite on me. He was super obsessed with all things Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren when we first met and filled my wardrobe to match his.
Top | Shorts | Shoes | Accessories

A Saturday with the boys. As if I don't have enough men in my life, I wear more on my shirt.
Tee | Jeans | Shoes c/o | Bag c/o

Baseball momming it up with Daddy's hat. I think I got away with wearing it without him even knowing it was missing. 

This was the morning we left for our first house hunting trip to Charlotte. I do not recommend maxi skirts when there is a good chance you'll be in public bathrooms and rain. 

These shorts. I have several pieces of clothing that are just like wearable heaven. When I saw these shorts posted on Instagram, I knew I needed them badly. I've worn them to death and back. And they were $5. No really. You go buy some. 
Tee | Shorts 

I don't know what to do with myself here without my trusty #whatmollywore mirror, but I'm finding ways to improvise. Follow along on Instagram


We've Have a House! Well, Kindof.

We are down in Charlotte right now and I couldn't love it more. This city is amazing! We still have our in DC on the market and will be back up to get our stuff loaded when it sells. For now though, we officially bought a house in Charlotte! 

We decided to go with new construction again and will be moving in towards the end of November. My fingers are crossed for Thanksgiving, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up. 

This was yesterday in front of our home site! It's completely wooded right now and will have to be cleared out. We are hoping to keep a good bit of the trees. I think I will be spending many of our days watching the bulldozers there with the boys. 
The new house is perfect. The layout, the space, everything. The thing I think I love the most? The Butler's pantry. That's been a dream think of mine and I'm so excited it's there!
We spent Saturday picking out all the details of the house. The things you think of and things I never thought I would pick. How many lights? How tall do you want the baseboards? Where do you want the fan? What kind of door knobs? It was fun and completely overwhelming to spend 3 hours (which is apparently a quick time) just picking options. These are floors, 1 of the cabinet colors and the counters.
The cabinet choice was stressful. All those on the right were options and the ones on the left made it to the final round. We ended up with the middle two, I think! 
So for now, it's hotel life. I can't complain, because it's really nice. 

After we get back from vacation in a couple weeks, we'll hopefully be in an apartment. It's hard to find short term, furnished ones!


Pattern Pump {A Fashion Post}

 photo 92ce52fe-3e0d-426a-ace4-88c4f8d1558a_zps833e0070.jpg  photo 81c60aef-ed88-4fab-82b4-31cae422986f_zps638929a1.jpg  photo file_zpsa569f0a1.jpg  photo 944e04dc-dbb5-4632-b7a7-712998828075_zpsd09bb4ff.jpg  photo file_zpsae0c67de.jpg  photo 59b8b401-72cd-4422-a753-cc9f6abfe3d6_zpsa938b0f8.jpg

I have a confession to make. I'm a little scared of patterns. I love a good printed maxi in the summer or a splash of polka dots, but too much and my eyes start to cross. I can look at pattern mixing on other people and think how cute it is, then see it on me and I look like I dressed with my eyes closed. 

I ordered these shoes from JustFab, because I love the design. I'm a big fan of mixing in just a bit of pattern and letting that be the stand out piece. 

What about you? Do you like to mix it all up or keep it simple?


Control the blowouts?! Say it ain't so!

Even though my kids aren't that old, sometimes the new products that come out make me feel like they were born in the stone ages. My newest find that almost has me thinking I could handle another child is the Melzy Baby line of fabulous products. 

I think back to those newborn days and the think that sticks out I'm my head the most? The massive poo blowouts. And they always happen when you aren't home, right? It shouldn't be normal to be so nonchalant about poo on your hands, but seriously, it's downright nasty. 

That's why I wish I had the Melzy Blowout Blocker. It creates a barrier between the diaper mess and your baby's clothes. This way the mess is contained, you take the Blowout Blocker off and throw it into a wet bag. Your baby's clothes stay clean and you don't have poo everywhere. Brilliant, right? This would be a traveling dream.

The Blowout Blocker is so amazing, that it was featured as a Mommy-Must have in the March 2013 issue of Pregnancy & Newborn! 

Another brilliant products Melzy has, is the Soaker Stopper. It is intended for nighttime use to absorb leaks that wake your baby and you. No one has time to change a baby and the bedding every night. The Soaker Stopper is the solution to all 

Both of these amazing products feature soft, stretchy fabric and an adjustable waistband. They also have a waterproof outer layer to keep the leaks contained. They are reusable, washable and eco-friendly! 

Interested in Melzy Baby products for your wee one? Check out their site to find a retailer, as well as their Facebook and Twitter pages for promotions.

Melzy Baby is giving away 2 different prize packs to Stilettos and Diapers readers! Enter the first widget to win a Blowout Blocker and Wetbag, and the second one for a Soaker Stopper and Wetbag. Good luck! 

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As a sponsor of Stilettos and Diapers, Melzy Baby is hosting this giveaway. I was in no other way compensated. 

Storage Solutions While Moving

If you asked me right now where I will be living in 2 months, the answer is, I have no idea. That idea is terrifying enough to the average Joe, but a mom?! A mom of 2? I'm constantly making list in my head, on my phone and on paper, that I end up losing. I am terrified to be leaving my house for the next 4 weeks to be on vacation, at my parents and living in hotels in between. We'll be back for a hot minute, only to have our stuff packed for 3 months until our house is ready. Everything that I will need until December 1st needs to be packed up and easily accessible.

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Island life on the Carnival Pride

I just loved that we got to experience 3 different island stops while on the Carnival Pride. Cruising is like a bunch of amazing vacations all combined. I'm a fan.

First stop, was Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos. Perfectly white sand, picturesque palm tree and lounge chair lined shore and crystal clear water. It was one of the most gorgeous beaches I've ever seen. 

 photo file_zps69d6975b.jpg  photo file_zps58db9118.jpg

 photo file_zps7b33fd0c.jpg
The beach naps...oh the beach naps. I guess it makes sense, seeing that I sleep like a log on the beach, too. It was heavenly to be able to lay there next to him for awhile! 
 photo file_zps7adb7ad6.jpg  photo file_zps339e06b1.jpg  photo file_zpsd0631913.jpg
The next stop was a private island owned by Carnival, Half Moon Cay. The boat had to stay out a bit and we were taken right to the island on smaller boats. 
 photo file_zpsd222094e.jpg
We loved this island because it was super kid friendly. There was this little water park area that the boys loved. We rented little cabana very close by so we could sit and watch them play. 
 photo file_zps585166b3.jpg
That is when I wasn't sliding, too. 
Carnival has a whole outdoor restaurant set up on the island and we got a huge BBQ lunch under pavilions. That is the spot of one of my favorite pictures of the trip. photo file_zpse6b18f59.jpg
After lunch, we went exploring a pirate ship turned bar. 
 photo file_zps51735412.jpg  photo file_zps7ca43b93.jpg
And back to the water slides! 
 photo 2bf443af-1bf3-4651-998f-ed8754eddfda_zps44c148b3.jpg  photo 98cc0bca-b30e-444d-8b38-846c818a63d7_zps0130e5ab.jpg
More amazing beach napping. I think I need to live on the beach until all my children are done napping. 
 photo 8f268bd1-7105-44e6-b519-409d3b03cad2_zps8b0e2c54.jpg
Last stop, was Freeport, Bahamas. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from this spot. We had heard it is really touristy and has lots of shopping, which with kids doesn't really sound that fun. But, I was pleasantly surprised! 
 photo file_zps23b3c1e0.jpg
When we disembarked, the Carnival staff gave us little cards about Port Lucaya. It is an area with shopping and public beach access. We took a quick taxi ride over there where we ended up doing a boat tour excursion that was a blast. The hubs and Cooper rode on a huge banana float behind the boat. We saw dolphins, a boat supposedly from Pirates of the Caribbean and some amazing houses. 
 photo c1c7d0e6-84af-4de3-9afa-59822fb96ee5_zps3c82c882.jpg
As we started sailing back north, we finished the day with a cocktail on balcony. And let me tell you, Carnival is really good at cocktail making. 
 photo file_zps27c818c7.jpg
As you can tell, we didn't do much as far as excursions go. Most of what we wanted to do (snorkeling, horseback riding) wasn't really possible with the kids. Cooper could have stayed on the boat in Camp Carnival, but Callan was a bit young for that. That said, I don't feel like I missed out at all. We still loved every minute. When we go on a "grown ups only" cruise (which we are totally talking about!) we will take advantage of the excursions more.

Who is ready to book their cruise now? Carnival has many ports, each with different cruise options. You can literally book certain cruises for less than $200! When you think about all the food you get, the room, the places you visit and all the entertainment, the price is totally unbelievable. I already have my eye out on cruises out of Charleston for after we move! 

Thank you, Carnival for sending my family on vacation on the Pride. All opinions are my own. No additional monetary compensation was received. 
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