Stilettos and Diapers: June 2013


On moving and house hunting and a lot of crazy.

When we moved from NY to California, the house hunting trip was more like a vacation. Exploring, eating out, hanging out for a few days together, it was awesome. We were childless newlyweds that only needed to grab the wallet and car keys as you exit the car.

New York to Virginia was a little more challenging, but not bad at all. Cooper was 2, very easy going and he was very happy to check out the nearly 100 homes we looked at. 

This move? It's already made me grey. Well, more grey than I was last week. 

We're listing our house in Virginia for sale. We have all this last minute prep stuff to get finished before the open house next weekend. I've been so busy getting all that done, along with prepping for this house hunting trip.

We've seen about 25 houses in the past 2 days. It's been a ton. I know it's been hard on the boys, too. Eating every meal out, in and out of the car and minimal running around time. Add to that the fact that my youngest child? Well, he's no easy going one at all. 

He bolts every chance he gets, screams every. single. time. we put him in his car seat and yesterday, even rode the elevator of the hotel 6 floors by himself. I got quite the workout as I panted, cried and bolted down those 6 flights of stairs. 

Tonight we had the most challenging hour at a restaurant ever, followed up by the worst downpour I think I've ever seen. We decided not to wait it out, as Cal was making it know, to the whole restaurant, how pissed he was to be there. We were literally soaked when we got in the car and Cooper was crying miserably. So relieved to be back to the hotel, we started to gather our stuff to find that Cooper was only wearing 1 shoe. And we only brought 1 pair. I brought the shivering boys inside and the hubs went back out in search of the missing flip flop. He found it, thankfully, right in the parking lot of the restaurant. You know, where it was supposed to be. 

That whole house thing? Not too sold on any of them. So back we go tomorrow. Wish us luck. 


What I wore: Cruise Edition

You know how many legit fashion pictures I took while we were on the cruise? None. The cabin had a great mirror inside of the cabinet, so there was a selfie each night before dinner. I went 7 days without sweats and all I got was these grainy iPhone pictures. 

Y'all would be so proud of the way I packed. I only took an outfit for each night, 3 casual shorts outfits and 3 pairs of shoes. I ended up coming home with 2 extra shorts outfits because I just lived in my bathing suit the whole week. I was determined not to over pack and I didn't! 

 Dress: H&M | Shoes
Shorts | Top: H&M | Necklace | Shoes

Hubs bombed nearly all of my pictures, just getting progressively bolder by the end of the trip. He really is a total ham.


Family Game Night, in a Minute!

We are just getting to the point that our boys (Cooper especially) are wanting to play games. We've done some Spiderman Memory, a little Cootie Bug and even some made-up games. It's always fun to spend some family time together and we're at the age right now that it's fun to "let them win". What isn't that fun, is the same games over and over. We only have so many board games, only have so much space for them and aren't going to buy too many more. But, we needed some spice in the game department.

Ever seen Minute to Win It on GSN? I've always loved watching it and often thought about how much fun it would be to play. What I never thought about, was playing with my kids. After reviewing a list of the games they have, and will be playing on the show, I was surprised at how many I thought would be a blast with the boys. The majority of the games require household items. Ping pong balls, solo cups, soda bottles and tissue boxes can make for a stellar family game night! 

Case in point:
This game is called "This Blows". 15 cups are placed near the edge of the table in a row. (You better measure the distance from the cups to the table, or the winner will be disputed. This is experience talking.) The contestant stands behind the table and with only the air they blow into a balloon, propel all the cups off the table. And remember, you only have a Minute to Win it! 

The hubs happened to be out of town when we played, but we played with his Mom, sister and her husband. And of course the babies thought it was a hilarious thing to watch! Some of the people didn't win it when we played and some did the victory dance. 
Cooper had the best time. We played together, so I didn't get pictures of us, but we have played tons since then. He thinks it is the best game ever. 

Need ideas for your next family game night? Stop. Watch. Minute to Win it! You will get tons of ideas from Minute to Win it with the new host Apolo Ohno. The all new season begins June 25th at 8/7c only on GSN. Find out more here and by following Minute to Win it on Facebook and Twitter

What Minute to Win it game would your family like to play? Tell me in a comment and be automatically entered to win a $100 Visa gift card! 

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Neon and Floral {A Fashion Post}

 photo 8ff38a1c-5371-465e-b7e6-977dffe57f19_zpsd817b635.jpg  photo 25d170d4-b0fa-4970-a6cc-e68e3f180a9a_zps8e18b0fe.jpg  photo 713092bc-f7fa-4631-9bab-65cfbf1ceb0e_zpse8ead980.jpg  photo b17c6f93-5019-408a-bbb5-bfcb3766fed9_zps807914e5.jpg  photo 5e38f9f3-bc43-4b5d-aa2d-1464185e8b92_zps24fa1df4.jpg
Top: H&M | Pants | Bag c/o | Shoes c/o | Jewelry

We are home from our Carnival Cruise! We had the best time and I can't wait to share more about it with you. For now, I'm unpacking, doing laundry and repacking to go house hunting later this week. We're meeting with our realtor today and getting this house ready to list. Life is BUSY! I also need to squeeze in some serious working out because I gained 4 lbs last week! 

These pics were actually taken the day before we left. I meant to post them while I was gone and forgot. I was a little busy turning golden brown. I bought this top at H&M and couldn't wait to wear it. When I saw it on one of my faves, Emily, I knew I made a good fashion choice! The bag is the Magic Kingdom from JustFab. Its super soft, has tons of pockets and I'm loving it! 

Side note, while we were gone, an article I wrote for the What To Expect website was posted. You can check it out here


View from our {Carnival} Cruise - Part 2

The past 3 days we've spent at our different ports and have had the best time. I'll just give you the short of it for now. Grand Turk is gorgeous, Half Moon Cay is a ton of fun for the whole family and Freeport turned out to be way more than I expected. 

Callan, although cranky and getting his 2 year molars right now, has taken the best naps on the beach. Thank goodness. 
Half Moon Cay has a whole area of water slides for the kids. And the grown ups who want to make fools of themselves. That would be me. 
Cooper quickly learned that drinks that come with umbrellas should be for kids, too. He has enjoyed kid "cocktails" with us on the balcony a couple times!
Callan has NO fear of the water, we've learned. I just love this quick shot I got of him and the hubs dipping their toes. 
Banana boating in Port Lucaya.
Coop loved the little handmade treasures he found at the Freeport Harbour.
As well as Senior Frogs!

Yes, yes I do. Except for that I would weigh a ton. I have been eating nonstop and will not quit till we leave. I can't get over all the food!

My family was given a complementary cruise from Carnival in exchange for my honest review of the trip. All opinions are my own. 


View from our {Carnival} Cruise

Currently, we're floating somewhere just north of Turks and Caicos. The water is the brightest blue I've ever seen and we are wearing ourselves out with all the fun we've been having. Here is a little taste of what's been going on the past 2 days!

Tons of poolside fun

 Just starting the day with mini golf

 Champs with the hubs
 Mommy time Mai Tai
Morning run with the sunrise

Massive amounts of soft serve

Be back to update you after our stops the next couple days! 

My family was given a complementary cruise from Carnival in exchange for my honest review of the trip. All opinions are my own. 


Greek Yogurt Alfredo {Recipe}

I love me a big bowl of pasta covered in alfredo sauce, but I don't love the calories or fat that come along with it. I set out to make some "healthy" alfredo and was surprised that it was simple and tasted pretty darn close to the real thing. 

This will be the easiest recipe I will ever post. Seriously. 


1/2 cup Milk of your choice (Whole milk will make the sauce thicker, rice milk will make it thinner. Do your thang.)
1/2 cup Greek Yogurt
1/2 cup Parmesan Cheese
1/2 tsp Garlic Salt

Whisk the milk and greek yogurt in a saucepan over low heat. Add in the parmesan and garlic salt and continue to whisk until there are no lumps. Keep the heat very low and whisk occasionally. The sauce will thicken a bit as it warms, about 5 minutes.

That's it. Pour over your pasta and dig in. My favorite pasta right now is Roland Foods Udon noodles. They're thin like fettuccine, but their only ingredients are organic wheat and sea salt. I get them in the Asian food aisle. 

If you're looking for help with meal planning, clean eating, or saving money off your grocery bills, check out eMeals! 


Red, White and Blue {A Fashion Post}

 photo 52269769-f959-444b-8085-34d5038c5b4a_zps2ef609a9.jpg  photo 8a22a416-2fe8-42c1-a1f3-660f5c287a30_zps12ff1a07.jpg  photo file_zps624eb9b7.jpg  photo fc06c1c2-cb6c-40e6-89a8-e2970c9d168a_zps6f619d03.jpg  photo file_zps5ae548f1.jpg  photo 7adf6cf4-451e-4c0a-a336-cd6116597059_zps1d4ac1a0.jpg

Tee | Shorts | Shoes c/o | Jewelry | Fedora, Target (similar)

Red, white and blue together is more than just for July 4th and Memorial Day. In my opinion, it's a quintessential summer color combo. That's why I knew I just had to have these wedges! Something about putting this all on made me feel like it was all of a sudden summertime. Well, it was either the clothes, or the strawberries freshly picked from our garden by this topless man.  photo 727182a2-64f9-4e34-bbb0-f6dbbca85d35_zpsa3bffc63.jpg
And speaking of garden, mine has been alive for 4.5 weeks. This is major record breaking around here. I have always had a black thumb, but the tomatoes and strawberries we've already gotten may prove my luck is changing. Just in time for us to move and leave my work behind! 

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Time to let you in on some news...

In 2003, I moved from Florida to New York to be with the hubs. I graduated nursing school there. We got married. Moved into our first place together. We were there 3 years and 4 months before his job moved us to California

We loved it there. The weather and the things to do were beyond. We had our first baby, moved from an apartment to a house and realized that being so far from family was really hard. 3 years and 1 month later, they moved us to DC. 

We bought our first house. Our second baby was born. We made amazing friends. 3 years and 4 months later, it's time for more adventure in our lives. 

We are moving! 

We will be calling Charlotte, NC home next month! I'm so excited and sad to leave all at the same time. Billy's sister and her family are here and our neighborhood is honestly the most exciting one ever. There has been no lack of tears since we found out last week. It's bittersweet. I'm stressed about selling the house (and by that I mean keeping it clean to show). I'm nervous about the transition of the move affecting Cooper starting school in August and about finding a new house that I love as much as this one. 

At the same time, I have friends down there that I'm excited to live near. I can't wait to explore a new city, find a new favorite restaurant and meet new people. I'm thrilled to be moving closer to my family. We've always talked about Charlotte and this is a great opportunity for my husband that we could't pass up! 

I will be a mad woman over the next week getting our house ready to put on the market. Oh and getting ready to go on a cruise next week. It's not crazy around here or anything. Anyone want to come help with my mile long to-do list? I pay in wine and straw-ber-ritas.


Black and White Pattern Play {A Fashion Post}

 photo 1b129ec7-50c6-4a41-ab4c-501163063e05_zpsada475fd.jpg  photo IMG_7488_zpsb7579cb2.jpg  photo IMG_7485_zpsd444afbd.jpg  photo IMG_7478_zps21c2e6d2.jpg  photo IMG_7495_zps89938d8a.jpg  photo IMG_7491_zps4a04d94d.jpg
Blouse and Skinnies: H&M | Shoes: JustFab | Accessories: Molly Suzanne

I had a little solo shopping trip over Memorial weekend and I was pumped to get to H&M. It's one of my favorite places to shop and it just drives me batty that they don't offer online shopping. I don't get to the mall that often, so the majority of my clothing is bought online or at Target. As you all well know. If you get to the mall more than I do, head to H&M. They have some great stuff right now, like the top I have on in these pics. It was $4.95 and I bought it in a couple different colors. Who's wardrobe doesn't need a $5 mullet top? 

I've been so happy with the JustFab shoes they've sent me to review, that I bought some more. I love this pair! They are the Lorient and they are a perfect with a dress, or for making a casual outfit dressier.

The crimped/curled/funky hair is courtesy of my new favorite thing...the french braid. I've been braiding my hair at night, sleeping in it, then undoing it the next morning. It's easy day 2 hair that isn't quite as boring as my normal.

Happy Friday, y'all! 

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Last night, we went with our neighbors to see the Nationals play the Mets. It was such a fun night with all 4 of our boys wearing their team garb. Even though we were rooting for opposing teams, everyone got along and shared tailgating goldfish. 
We ate at Ben's Chili Bowl, (if you come to DC you must eat there) which is neither clean nor healthy. What it is, is deliciousness slathered in chili and cheese. Makes for a perfect cheat meal.

Since part of Cooper's Birthday gift was tickets to a baseball game, the hubs made the mistake of telling him he could have whatever he wanted. And boy did he want everything. He ate a hotdog. Popcorn. Frozen lemonade. He ate the entire time. The kid was totally loving life last night. We did put the kibosh on cotton candy around 10pm when the crowed had thinned out and he was dancing up and down the rows. Very entertaining to everyone around us. 
We left in the middle of the 9th, when the Mets were up. Both boys were sleepy, but giggly. I was so pleased that they did so well and had a great time. As we walked out, Cooper gasped at the illuminated stadium and trees wrapped with lights. He turned to the hubs and said,

"I'm beginning to love you more than I ever have."

Right there, outside Washington Nationals stadium, my heart turned into a massive puddle on the ground.

This moment. Those words. The very thing that makes parenting such an incredible blessing. I'll never know how I'm worthy of cultivating these little lives, but I sure know moments like that one make it all completely worth it. 

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