Stilettos and Diapers: February 2013


When the sun shines in, face it with a grin.

 photo IMG_4202_zps43234fbb.jpg  photo IMG_4207_zps466cc8aa.jpg  photo IMG_4199_zps17d86f6d.jpg  photo IMG_4215_zpsbf9fc848.jpg  photo IMG_4217_zps6cd83ee4.jpg  photo IMG_4210_zps2d5c7d2e.jpg
The park, my boys and seeing the sun shine for the first time in days made for a fun afternoon. 

This was Callan's first time at the park since walking and he loved every second of it. After scoping everything out and rolling mulch around in his hands, he was unstoppable. He was headed down the double twisty slide, on his belly, BY HIMSELF. When I asked him to go down the little slide, his only response was "no, no, no, no, no". Hearing him "weeeeee" down the slide was the best until I heard his hysterical laughter while his brother pushed him on the swing. These 2 are turning out to be such great little friends. 


Blissdom Prep Series: The last minute stuff you don't want to forget.

It's almost time. 3 weeks from today, I'll by on my way to Dallas, headed to Blissdom to meet so many of you! I can't wait! I have a few last minute tips and reminders of things you don't want to forget. 

{If you missed them, here are part 1 and part 2 in my Blissdom Prep Series}

Hey, you! Don't forget:

Business Cards
 photo file_zpsb8a633cb.jpg
This year, I went simple. Blog, email, twitter, done. I ordered from 123prints, they were on my doorstep in 5 days and they were less than $40 for 250. Can't beat that. Do you need that many? I think so. You never want to feel like you can't give out a card because you're running out. A huge part of Blissdom is the connections.

Roomie Gifts

Now, this isn't a requirement at all. But it's fun. And it doesn't have to be anything huge. In the past, I've done stuff that is useful at the conference. Chapstick, gum and candy, along with fun socks, notepads and coffee. I've been given keychains, monogrammed goodies and cupcakes! Good ideas, I think, are a Starbucks gift card in a cute mug, or a piece of jewelry. Try to keep it somewhat small, since you'll be taking home lots of goodies from the conference. 


I don't bring my computer. It takes up too much space for flying and I never blog while I'm there because it's entirely too busy. If your laptop is thinner than mine, it might be easier. I do bring my iPad and I bring that to all the sessions. I take notes on it and keep up with social media. 

Paper and Pens

I bring a notebook. Theres something about taking written notes, I think. Even though I have the iPad, I find myself writing a lot. It's kinda fun to get back to the basics for awhile. 


I've never been hungry at Blissdom, but I know a lot of people talk about bringing snacks. I guess a few bars in your purse isn't a bad idea, though, especially if you have food allergies or are trying to keep healthy. The evening meals are probably qualified as heavy hors d'oeuvres. You will be eating plenty for breakfast and lunch, along with snacks at break times. And if you're like me last year and eat 5 bowls of Red Lobster's lobster bisque during the breaks, you won't be hungry. 

Power strip

They'll be computers, iPhones, straighteners and hair dryers x 4 all needing to be plugged in while you get ready. And why is it that hotel rooms seem to only have 1-2 outlets open? You may very well need a power strip during the sessions, too. You don't want to realize your phone is dead after you just asked your bloggy crush for a picture. 

Last Minute Tips

Get gifts for home
 photo file_zps47fee1b9.jpg

The worst part of Blissdom? Leaving my boys. All of them. And while I know they'll have fun, eating way too much fast food, watching movies and getting their clothes dirty enough for me to panic, I'll miss them. As a fun thing while I'm gone, I leave each of them a gift for each day. I wrapped everything up last year after my then 3 year old went to bed, then hid the gifts in different places. Each day, I sent them a text with a clue on where to find their gift. For the hubs, there was wine, socks and chocolate. For my son, a movie and a bag of popcorn, a coloring book, and candy. It doesn't have to be big things. I hit up Target dollar spot for some of it and will probably do more of that this year with 3 boys to buy for. It gives them something to look forward to and lets them know you're thinking about them.

Packing Prep

Want to know what I do? Take pictures of every outfit. I put on the outfit with all the accessories, shoes and undergarments to make sure I have everything I need for each outfit. You can also see how you look in a picture, which helps me a lot in my clothing prep. The bottom line is, you don't want to realize you don't have that stick on bra and end up going braless. No, seriously. Don't do it. 

These are some of the things I wore last year. And no, I was trying to decide on tight color, I didn't wear 1 black and 1 mustard leg! 
I have all my outfits for this year and all the pictures are on my phone in a folder. When I'm ready to pack, I'll scroll through and be done in no time! 

Take a breath

I know I get panicky. About leaving the family. About the flight. About meeting new people. This is going to be such an amazing time for you. You'll get a break. You won't have to cook. You're going to learn. You're going to grow your brand. Take a breath and enjoy every single minute! 

That concludes my Blissdom Prep series! I hope the things I've learned from the past 2 years will help you prep for your Blissdom. 

Special thanks to Jockey, for being my Blissdom 2013 sponsor!  


InstaFashion: 2013 Edition.

It's time for another installment of Insta-Fashion! What I've been wearing on Instagram hasn't been that exciting so far this year. And there have been some repeat offenders. I'm ready to ditch this winter garb and dress for spring! PS. All the jewelry shown is from Molly Suzanne. No need to type that over and over. Hehe. 
 photo file_zps7a9b1418.jpg
My look for our exciting New Year's Eve. Pajama Set: Target
 photo file_zps155fcbd9.jpg
At the sister's in Ohio. Shirt: Target (here), Jeans: AG (here), Vest: H&M, Boots: Kohls (here)
 photo file_zps533df142.jpg
Ikea with my boys! Chambray Shirt: F21, Skirt: My Easy DIY, Shoes: Target (similar), Scarf: Molly Suzanne
Super Bowl attire, rocking the red and gold. Tunic: Hazel & Olive, Leggings: Old Navy (here)
 photo file_zpsa7be6e5f.jpg
Target run day. Shirt: Target (here), Jeans: AG (here) Boots: MIA via
My typical Mom-i-form including my favorite sweater cardi. Leggings: Old Navy (here), Sweater: F21 (cute melange version), Tank: Old Navy (here), Boots: Target

Valentine's Day with my little {big} love. Jeans: Target (here), Ruffle Tee: Target, Slippers: Steve Madden (so old)
Saturday morning trail walk wearing a babe as big as me. Compression Tights: Old Navy (here), Tee: Target, Vest: Old Navy (here), Shoes: Dr. Scholls (here) (From Blissdom!) 
 Some days, I'm only in my running garb. Shorts: Nike Tempos, Tank: Old Navy (here) Sports Bra: Jockey, Kid: Adorable. 


Polka Dots and Denim {A Fashion Post}

 photo file_zps1b9273c3.jpg
 photo file_zpsab585a71.jpg  photo file_zpsdff21828.jpg  photo file_zpsc841f98a.jpg  photo file_zps7d5ebd14.jpg
 photo file_zps25b65959.jpg
Pants: Old Navy (on sale now!), Hi-Low Sheer Top: Insta-sale (F21 very similar), Denim Jacket: Old Aeropostale (similar), Shoes: c/o JustFab, Bag: c/o JustFab, Necklace: Molly Suzanne

Does this outfit scream too loudly that I'm ready for spring?! I'm ready for color and fun and SUNSHINE! Which was obviously missing the day I took these pictures. I'm loving sheer for the spring, so I paired a high-low top with denim to keep it 35 degree appropriate. 

I got the Law Bag and the Rouen Pumps in from JustFab and HAD to wear them. I am pretty much in love with the fact that these shoes make me 6" taller. The world looks so much different from up here! The shoes have a tan and a black ankle strap that are detachable making them very versatile. The bag is GORG and I've carried it everywhere. I will be bringing both these beauties to Blissdom with me! 

Have you ever used JustFab? Such an easy process. Take your style quiz. Get your personalized boutique, hand picked each month just for you. Go shopping! All items are are $39.95 with free shipping and free returns. Doesn't get much easier than that! It's free to join and no obligation to buy. Check them out and visit them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up on amazing new lines. You'll find JustFab pieces on a whole host of celebs, too. Everyone loves a deal! 

I just may have an extra pair of these shoes in a size 7. Want them? Like Stilettos and Diapers on Facebook for a flash giveaway this week! 

All photos courtesy of this guy:
 photo file_zpse7adcec8.jpg


Mom Solution: Paint your nails with cooking spray

Cooking spray nails, pam nails, paint nails with cooking spray, pam

Flailing your hands around trying to dry your nails? Praying to the nap time gods to keep that babe sleeping so you you don't smudge them on a tiny blanket? Well, this weird little trick is for you. 

Spray your nails with cooking spray. 

I wasn't a believer at all. How? Why? So strange. But then I picked up a couple bright spring polishes and decided to give the hype a whirl. 

And it worked. 

Step 1. Paint your nails.

Step 2. Spray lightly with cooking spray. (I did this right over the sink)

Step 3. Rinse. 

Step 4. Wipe spray and water off skin with a paper towel. 

Step 5. Stand in awe that your nails are actually dry and do some kind of happy dance.


Clean Eating: Chocolate Muffins

Clean chocolate muffins, low fat chocolate muffins, vitatop muffin recipe, gluten free chocolate muffins
I wanted to make something sweet for Valentine's Day, but didn't want a total splurge. I decided to give a clean dessert recipe a shot and the result was pretty freakin delicious. These muffins are gluten free, clean and low fat. Pretty impressive. 

The best part? Everything is thrown in the blender and mixed away. So easy! 

Ingredients (Printable Recipe)

1 3/4 cupOats
3Egg Whites
3/4 cupUnsweetened Cocoa
1/2 cupUnsweetened Applesauce
1 tspVanilla Extract
1/2 cupPlain Greek Yogurt
1/2 tspCream of Tartar (I used 1 1/2 tsp lemon juice)
1 1/2 tspBaking Powder
1 1/2 tspBaking Soda
1/4 tspSalt
1 cupHot Water
1/2 cupCoconut Sugar or another Sugar Substitute
1/2 cupSemi-sweet Chocolate Chips or Grain Sweetened Carob Chips

 photo muffins2_zpsbe7ef8d5.jpg
Blend all ingredients except the chocolate chips until smooth. Pour into a bowl and stir in half of the chocolate chips. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes, then sprinkle the other half of the chocolate chips on the top and bake an additional 5 minutes. 

I used paper muffin liners, which stuck a little bit. I would suggest foil liners, or simply spraying the muffin tins. 

Now pour yourself a glass of milk (almond milk in my case) and enjoy! 

Adapted from Dashing Dish

Looking for an easier way to get dinner on the table? Try eMeals! With tons of plans to choose from, including the new Mediterranean plan, Clean Eating, Low-Fat, Gluten Free and many more, there's something for everyone! I love the Clean Plan because it really helps me and my family stay on track with our eating. Right now, new members get a free tailgating menu with any meal plan purchase! 


Kid Style {A Fashion Post}

Cooper loves to pose for pictures. He has an arsenal of faces and poses to whip out. But more than having them taken, he loves to see his pictures on the computer. And comment on how awesome they are. 

I mean, how could he not?
 photo file_zpsbee6cebb.jpg
Peekaboo Beans is this fabulous children's clothing line that is so kid friendly. Coop got a package in the mail from them and was super excited to try his new things. 
 photo file_zps2b8da47b.jpg
And of course, to pose for some pictures in them. 
 photo file_zps8ce552cb.jpg
His favorite feature? THUMB HOLES! I can't tell you how excited he was when he put on his coat and the sleeves didn't ride up! 
 photo file_zps8175dfe1.jpg
I love the little bean logo on the pieces. 
 photo file_zpsd4633ab5.jpg
The Excursion pant has the coordinating plaid in the pocket area and zips off into shorts. There is a drawstring waist that makes these pants a good fit for my suddenly tall and skinny boy.
 photo file_zps03ecc486.jpg
I LOVE that this Historical Tee is a pullover. No buttons, no zipper, no snaps. The fabric has a bit of a stretch so it goes over the head easily without actually opening. No more crunchy, uncomfortable dress shirts! 
 photo file_zpse3334ec7.jpg
Peekaboo Beans entire line has all the features you wish your kids clothing had. Twill tape in the hem to prevent it from rolling up in the wash, a-line shirts to fit those cute bellies and my favorite, removable tags. All you do is pull them out and your child can even color the picture on the back. Amazing! I've cut so many tags out only to be left with a scratchy nub that Cooper is constantly complaining about! 
Your order comes with a "healthy does of peekaboo beans" too. Something that was immediately eaten and enjoyed. 

Vicky is my Peekaboo stylist and she can fit your child with clothes that are easy for you and comfortable for them. There's even opportunity for entrepreneurial Mom's to start their own business as a Peekaboo stylist! Email Vicky,, for more info and follow her on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on new products and deals.

This Mom and my 4 year old who thinks he's a teenager gives Peekaboo Beans 2 thumbs way up!

The outfit shown was given to me by Peekaboo Beans in exchange for my honest opinion. I was in no other way compensated. 


Hearts and love and Valentines, oh my.

 photo file_zps74925433.jpg 

Valentine's Day at our house = all heart everything. Add in pink milk, whipped cream and an early bedtime and it was a love day made in heaven. 

My tendency to go overboard and spend way too much time making things cutesy sure did make some faces light up.
 photo file_zps4dfd3679.jpg photo file_zps894f2078.jpg  photo file_zps3deac05f.jpg

 photo file_zpsde8bbb80.jpg
I adore holidays of any kind and any excuse to decorate and cheat on my healthy eating. We had a great day with the boys and after their early bedtime, hubs and I had a romantic dinner. While watching Americal Idol and the live coverage of the Carnival cruise ship coming in. 

We don't typically do big gifts for each other for V-day, but I will do a card along with little things for the hubs. I tend to have a photo card printed online, but this year, I slacked and found myself in the card aisle the day before Valentines. Who in the world decided it was acceptable to charge $6 for a freaking piece of folded cardstock?! I mean really. I could buy myself a new Target shirt for that. 

I did make some clean chocolate muffins that were to die for. I will be posting the recipe soon. After I take down all these decorations and cover the house in bunnies and eggs. 

Happy Friday! 


Old to New {A Fashion Post}

One thing I love doing, is pulling clothes out of the way back of my closet/dresser and getting more life out of them. I put a bunch of stuff in the guest closet while I was pregnant and forgot about it. I pulled it all out a couple weeks ago and this tee was part of the loot. It's about 7 years old. Seriously. And I took it from my sister's closet about 5 years ago. No shame.
old to new fashion, how to wear old clothes, rock on tshirt,  photo file_zps52737ebb.jpg
These jeans have had PLENTY of wear. Obviously. They've been my favorites for at least 5 years and I don't see any end to the wear. Well, unless that high thigh hole gets any bigger...
 photo file_zps69eaee74.jpg
I love the easy fit of this blazer and how it can be dressed up or down. 
 photo file_zps3036ec7d.jpg
Jeans: Levi's (similar from Macy's), Blazer: F21, (similar), Tee: Ancient Old Navy (fun similar!), Shoes: Kohls, Arrow Cuffs and Spike Bracelet: Molly Suzanne

Challenge time! Get in your closets and see what kind of outfit you can put together! All it takes is 1 piece to be inspired and you may have a "new" favorite outfit! 
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