Stilettos and Diapers: We Wish You a Merry Christmas


We Wish You a Merry Christmas

We are so thrilled/excited/insanely happy that we're going to be in our house for Christmas! Since we're not getting in until the 2oth, and our stuff isn't going to be delivered until the 23rd, we really weren't going to be able to celebrate the season for very long. We made the decision to get an artificial tree that we could easily transfer to the new house and some cheap Target ornaments to make this apartment all festive. 
 photo file_zps1d453453.jpg

 photo file_zpse4233767.jpg
We've always gotten our tree Thanksgiving weekend, followed by a stop at Starbucks, then Christmas music and decorating. We did it a bit early this year, since we were traveling over Thanksgiving, but we kept our traditions alive. 
 photo file_zpsb6a8d8d1.jpg
This was also Callan's first Starbucks drink. Which he, of course, loved. Those short cups? Swoon!
 photo 210f23e9-f410-420a-b718-897b87588459_zpsf9e79ad2.jpg

 photo 0d04ec5e-d2cf-4251-bd82-a8dc532eb9ea_zpseed5bf9b.jpg
We also started a new tradition this year, which is The Elf on the Shelf. I saw the boxes of them at Costco about a month ago and grabbed one. I couldn't stop thinking about all those awesome Pinterest tricks they do and how much fun it was going to be. Well, being the rookie mom that I am, I grabbed the girl version, and also the plushee pal one. Had no idea until it was all set out on the table that something wasn't quite right.  
Obviously by then, it was too late to get another one, so I decided to just not say anything. He wouldn't know the difference, right? Cooper was in awe of the letter from Santa and decided to name their elf Jack. He then proceeded to ask why he was wearing a skirt, so I used the seam ripper to give our elf a gender change. 

The boys are loving the tricks Jack does at night. He wrapped the tree in toilet paper (which Cooper begged to leave on, so I did), roasted marshmallows over a candle and fished for goldfish in the bathroom sink. I'm snapping pics to show all of his shenanigans at some point! 

As far as behavior...I don't know. Cooper is in a really good phase right now. Thankfully. I need every ounce of energy to take care of my wildebeest 2 year old, who cares nothing about being put on the naughty list. 

Are you Elf on the Shelf users? What is your favorite trick your Elf has done? 


  1. I love how festive your place looks! The boys look so happy! :)

  2. precious pictures!!

    XOXO Bunnie

  3. Your Christmas tree pics are awesome! I'm having the hardest time getting a good picture of Chase in front of the tree. He won't cooperate. Our Elf hasn't been that creative.

  4. I can't believe you'll be in by Christmas- that's fantastic!

  5. My 2 year old I'd the same way. Being put on the naughty list is not on his list of toddler worries. Glad you guys have still been able to enjoy your holiday traditions!

  6. I have an 18 month old that is the light of my life and sweet as pie (90% of the time) the 10% let's say I think she is practicing her acting skills, temper tantrums with full on throwing herself on the floor and peeping to make sure we see. ( i secretly adore it) but man lots of patience! Your boys are adorable and I love the Christmas traditions.

  7. The Starbucks kids cups are so darling! Chipmunk gets spoiled a little too much with SB because I love seeing his chubby little hands wrapped around it.

  8. My two year old is the same way. I'm thinking in a couple years he'll be more concerned lol :)


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