Stilettos and Diapers: Mom, I'm in a magazine!


Mom, I'm in a magazine!

Those are the words I heard from Cooper when I showed him his spread for FabKids.

They are doing a giveaway a day leading up to Christmas and today you can win the look Cooper is wearing! Head here and like FabKids on Facebook to enter. There are still 2 days left, so make sure you check back again tomorrow! Don't forget to select my name in the drop down menu for who sent you to the giveaway! 

I know I'm partial, but this kid is simply the cutest. He begged to hold up the Merry Christmas sign during the shoot and I'm pretty sure he picked a winner prop. This will be in our late Christmas/Happy New Year/Just Moved cards that will be going out in January. Or February. Or next Christmas. 
 photo 188e98a9-f8a7-413a-b6dd-b53ac53215fa_zps501f4868.jpg
 photo 640368f5-bc92-46b9-b76a-e436b16ed2f1_zps8b159e85.jpg  photo 8298013d-39a3-49f9-a546-3dc34b1e7669_zps899b9155.jpg  photo 55f53731-93a6-48a5-aac0-be00567d6458_zps0c7b9580.jpg

Happy Friday, Y'all! 

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