Stilettos and Diapers: Christmas Gift Guide: For Men


Christmas Gift Guide: For Men

Still in need of holiday gifts? If you're anything like me, the men are the very last gifts purchased. They're so difficult to buy for! With the help of the hubs, I put together this guide, sure to make the men on your list happy. 

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Since the hubs is 6'3", this is the most important category to him. If your man is over 6', tall clothing is something that will make his life so much easier. The favorite? Tall undershirts. They don't come out of your pants and bunch up under your dress shirt. Kohl's has a huge variety online of clothing for tall men, including outerwear and athletic gear. They even sell some things in the store, including the beloved undershirts. 

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Hi, Dad. This category is for you. I've bought my Dad khaki pants for past 3 years. It's ridiculous. I found several things at Kohl's this year that are practical, but far more exciting than Khaki pants. Thank goodness.

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This is another area of importance to the hubs. He likes his things on the fancy side. He has the watch case from Christmas a couple years ago and it's perfect for the man who has a watch collection. I think that shaving kit is gorgeous. I love that it takes something so practical and makes it completely elegant. 

Make sure you stop at your local Kohl's store, as well. They had a massive section of great priced gifts at my store. They ranged from practical to jokes and everything in between. 

If you order from Kohl's online, you have until 12/19 at 11pm to use standard shipping and still receive your gifts by Christmas! 

This post was sponsored by Kohls

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