Stilettos and Diapers: 2. Just like that.


2. Just like that.

It literally feels like yesterday that my whole world changed and I became a mom of 2. I remember the hubs almost missing the birth entirely, getting a spray tan on my way to the hospital and freaking over who would watch big brother. 
 photo DSC07231.jpg
I remember putting Callan's newborn baby self into this 3 month outfit to come home from the hospital and cutting a slit in the side of the hat because it wouldn't go on his head.  photo DSC07257.jpg
I remember his completely over the top and tons of fun Mustache Bash to celebrate him turning 1. 
 photo file-133.jpg
I remember how bald he was until just recently and how cute that looks in all the pictures. 
 photo IMG_0250-1_zps9d659d40.jpg
And now it's time to create more memories, because my baby is 2. Not sure how that happened, but I couldn't be more proud to be the mother of this amazing little man. 
 photo 06de9b96-4ce4-4b73-9011-565d32efbab3_zps59e2f4dd.jpg
Callan, you light up every single day of our lives and we are so thankful God put you in our family! Happy Birthday, sweet baby. We love you! 


  1. oh my goodness! I feel like I JUST read your post about his birth! How does time fly by so fast? Well, Happy Birthday to your darling Callan! And let's figure out a way to slow down time please!

  2. He is too freaking cute. Happy birthday, Callan :)

  3. Sweet boy! Happy birthday to your adorable Callan :)

  4. Happy birthday to my boyfriend ;) He is so cute and hope to see y'all soon!!

  5. A spray tan on the way to the hospital? Hilarious!

  6. Happy Birthday Callan! :) The spray tan on the way to the hospital cracked me up!!

  7. Happy Birthday to Callan! Such a cutie pie! My little guy turns 2 in January. He's my third and last child and I am struggling with my baby growing up :( Time really does fly when you are a parent. So my question about the whole spray tan thing....were you in active labor or just scheduled to go in for induction?! Too funny!:)


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