Stilettos and Diapers: November 2013


Thankful for a Close Date!

As if I didn't already have enough to be thankful for, (I mean look at those boys!), we got a really awesome treat this week. 
After our November 30th close date got pushed to December 31, then early January, we found out that we are going to be closing on our house December 20th! I couldn't ask for a better Christmas gift! The progress has been insane over the past week or so. 
They've finished the trim and even added paint since these pictures last weekend. I think I should just put a bed on that deck. I love it so much. 
We got our furniture ordered and I can't wait to see in the house! It will be delivered the 21st, then we will wait the weekend for all of the stuff we have in storage to be brought on the 23rd.
I'm sure the whole house will be complete chaos on Christmas morning, but I'm so excited to get to be there. Also excited that we'll have our stockings and Christmas mugs out of storage! I've missed my coffee cups more than I should, I think. 

We are spending this Thanksgiving weekend with the hubs sister and her family back in the DC area. I'm excited to spend time with them as well as hang out with our old neighbors, who we miss tons! 

Hope you and your family are getting a chance to relax and enjoy each other. Do it quick before Black Friday craziness starts! Are you shopping? I am! 

By the way, don't forget to check out my boutique, Molly Suzanne, for some deals too! 


My Alter Ego Wears Blazers {A Fashion Post}

 photo 0e2bc52c-3b17-4cde-8c10-102480bac9e3_zps9226e96f.jpg
Sometimes, I do wish I was a "business woman" that got to dress up in a blazer, carry a nice structured bag and wear heels every day. My dreamy alter ego job would include Starbucks drive-thru every morning, then just hanging out at my desk, looking fabulous and "supervising" everyones work. I pretty much want to be Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. 

Until then, how bout I just wear this outfit to church and spill a sippy of water in that nice bag of mine, shall we?
 photo file_zps1228ce89.jpg  photo 78cc9ba1-d85e-4fd3-adbe-ad8118084aef_zpsfa12d9b0.jpg  photo file_zps581232f5.jpg  photo file_zpsd5b9ef13.jpg  photo 7c607e10-0442-451f-b3b3-e0485f45f2cb_zps8cabc42a.jpg
Blazer: Forever 21, old (similar)| Pants: Target, sold out (similar here and here)| Blouse: Instagram sale (similar here and here )| Shoes: Grette Pump c/o JustFab | Bag: Capital Satchel c/o JustFab | Watch: Target | Bracelet: Molly Suzanne


Inspired Travel Look, For Less.

It's really no secret that I have a lot of clothes. I love shopping and keeping up with trends. Even with a pretty loaded closet, I get the "I have nothing to wear" blues on a semi regular basis. Don't we all? I love getting inspired to create new, fresh looks with pieces I already have.

 photo file_zps3b59edcd.jpg

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Fashion on Friday

 photo file_zps185372ed.jpg  photo file_zps86690dc7.jpg  photo file_zps2406ef2b.jpg  photo file_zps10f82d97.jpg  photo file_zpsc12ff9a9.jpg  photo file_zpsc65243f5.jpg

This kid loves having his picture taken. He also loves packages from FabKids. He gets the box in the mail and says "lets take my picture!" This outfit is from their Holiday Line and I think it's adorable. Also, I really want the pants for myself. Burgundy skinny cords? Yes, please! We did buy boots this week, after taking these pictures and realizing Cooper only has sneakers here. I really wish I could get in that storage unit and get our stuff! 

One of my favorite parts of the week is Friday night. We let the boys stay up late, watch a movie and eat popcorn. We go through all of Cooper's school work for the week and he beams as he explains everything he did. Yesterday, he told me that he's been doing a really great job in school and that he wants to have a party tonight to celebrate all his work. Apparently, I'm supposed to make great food and we are to play games. I'm off to plan a party, I guess! 

Happy Friday! 

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50 Shades (of Target) {A Fashion Post}

 photo d49d42d1-2a22-4c71-864e-9fbc7aab0c4c_zpsdfe8b2b0.jpg  photo file_zps48de1959.jpg  photo 09a75d45-23b0-44a9-b6d1-6e00f4ed493f_zps317cd384.jpg  photo f55f7d3e-a227-4af3-bdde-345ce4440365_zps2d6994fc.jpg  photo 8adb1e9d-4ba7-437b-bb1d-9d5aaec9f1bb_zps7e0d0748.jpg
Top: Target | Skinnies: sold out, similar here and here| Boots: JustFab c/o | Bag: Phillip Lim for Target | Bracelets

Surprisingly enough, this post isn't sponsored by Target, even though the majority of the outfit is from there. They really bring their A game in the clothing department. I just can't see how I would pay the big bucks for fancy clothes, when I can get really similar ones with big benefits. Such as:

A) spending way less money
B) being able to hide said money under the old "I had to buy diapers" excuse
C) shopping while my kids sip icees and eat snacks
D) only having to drive 5 minutes down the road

My stores just put out tons of new stuff for the winter. I want it all. Specifically, all of the stuff below. Oh and today only, they have 20% off all clothing, shoes and accessories, online only. Use code ONEDAY at checkout. 

Make sure you check out our Together Box experience! You can also get a huge discount or a free month! Hurry! 


The Magical Kind of Date Night

I love date nights. One on one time to spend with someone, just talking, listening, sharing. Date nights for me are usually defined as a sitter and a uninterrupted dinner with the hubs. Those are refreshing and essential to keep us connected as a couple. To keep our relationship strong for each other and as parents. 

This weekend, though, I went on a different kind of date night, with a different man. This one was with the one who made me a mom. 

It was 7:30 on Saturday night when I realized I needed to grab something for lunch guest the next day. Usually, I would take the chance to run out alone and sit in a quiet car for the 5 minute ride. But something in me felt like I should ask Cooper to go with me, so I did. Bedtime is 7:30 at our house, so he looked totally shocked and excited when I asked him to get his shoes on. 

We ran, hand in hand, to the car and he told me he couldn't believe how dark it was outside.  As we drove, he pointed at other cars and said "whoa, there's a lot of people out after bedtime!" 

When we got to Target, he pointed to 2 girls walking out of the store with their mom. He said "they're having a special treat date, too!" We got hot chocolate at Starbucks. He got to lead the way through the store, stopping to look at everything. We went to the Christmas department and grabbed some ornaments that I probably wouldn't have bought on my own. He played with toys, tried on hats and looked at books, all while I stood watching. He may as well have been in Disney World. I didn't tell him to hurry or to stop playing with the stuff. I just let him be. 

I told him the couple things on the list and I let him find them. He took time to read the signs to find out what was in each aisle  He was so proud when he found the beans we needed, all on his own. 

He didn't do anything he wasn't supposed to do. Touch anything he shouldn't. I never had to give him any direction. When I felt like we should probably get going, I asked if he was ready. His "yep!" was followed by grabbing my hand as we walked to the register. 

When we got to the car, he leaned through to the front seat and said "we have to get a picture! I'll come up with you!" Instead of cringing that I was out in workout shorts, the sweatshirt I had on 2 days earlier and hardly a trace of makeup, we took a picture. In the dark car. And that picture will remind us both of that fun memory forever.

It was the most amazing, eye opening date night. As I watched Cooper have the freedom to just "do" without the pressure of time limits and rules, I was reminded of what a great kid he is. One who used perfect manners while ordering his hot chocolate. One who didn't beg me to buy things, just content to look for a few minutes. One who was grateful for a simple trip to the store, like it was a fantastic gift. 

I am determined to do this more often with both of my boys. To allow them space to just be themselves. To have special time that they are given one on one attention. It doesn't have to be fancy, obviously. It was 2 hot chocolates and some Christmas ornaments for us this weekend. Maybe it will be a run in the park next. Or a drive to look at Christmas lights soon. Whatever it is, it's special for us both and I can't wait until the next time. 


Grape & Goat Cheese Bites {Recipe}

When it comes to food, there is one thing I'm not a big fan of. Passed appetizers. Why? Because every time I really love something, I never see it again. That's exactly what happened at an even we were at a couple weeks ago. I ate one of these delectable little nuggets and never saw them again. I looked everywhere and I couldn't find anyone carrying them. Probably because everyone wanted them. They were that good. 

The very next day, I went and bought ingredients to try and recreate them. What I found out, was that these little bites were not only delicious, but really simple and pretty. They will definitely be a plate full of them at my next party! 

4 oz goat cheese
12 red grapes
1/2 cup pecans, chopped

 photo IMG_2026_zpsac141e1e.jpg
All you do, is make a little pancake of goat cheese and wrap it around your grape. Roll until smooth. 
Next, roll the goat cheese ball around in your pecans.  photo IMG_2030_zps21957b6c.jpg
That's it. No, I'm not kidding. Make these asap, because really? They're so delicious! 
 photo IMG_2039_zps04fa63ad.jpg
And if you happen to be living without your kitchen gadgets, like me, use an unopened wine bottle to crush your pecans in a ziplock bag. Then drink that wine with your newly created bites, because it's my favorite.  photo IMG_2024_zpsa9443f13.jpg

Recipe makes approximately 12 bites. I buy the twin pack of goat cheese logs at Costco and it's a really good price. 



The one where I went formal. {A Fashion Post}

Remember back when I was asking your suggestions on black tie wear? I debated so much over what I was going to wear, tried on nearly 7 million dresses and spend nights lying in bed, terrified of renting and hating the dress the day before the event. It was pretty ridiculous. 

I was at the mall one night with all the boys. We had just finished dinner and I ran up to Nordstrom see if there was anything there before we left. I tried this dress on with the most amazing bottom. It was dragging all over the ground, so I dismissed it, figuring it would change the look too much to have it hemmed. 

Well, I couldn't stop thinking about that dress! So, I decided to just buy it and give it a shot. Except it was sold out in my size everywhere. I googled, searched Poshmark, ebay, everywhere I could think of and no dress. Until one day an add popped up on my sidebar for HSN. And there was the dress. I was ecstatic. I ordered that baby, (for way less than Nordstrom!) had 4 inches cut off the bottom and loved every second in it. Now I need somewhere to wear it again. Well, other than around the house. Done that. 
 photo file_zps1b938e28.jpg
 photo file_zps569f802b.jpg  photo file_zps8a6988d8.jpg
 photo file_zps4326da7f.jpg
JS Collections Dress: Available here | Shoes | Glitter Clutch: Available in Gold | Bracelet | Earrings | 
Linking up with Style Sessions

We went to a charity event for Samaritan's Feet, which is am amazing organization that provides shoes to people who don't have any. We checked our shoes at the door and got a little taste of what it would be like to live barefoot. It's amazing how many people around the world loose limbs and even face death because of foot-borne illness and disease. As someone who has quite the thing for shoes, it really hit home for me. What is my fashion statement could literally be another's life. No matter what is happening for us, there is always, always something to be grateful for. 


Happy Birthday! {$100 Boutique Giveaway}

Today happens to be my Birthday! It also happens to be the last one I'll ever celebrate, ya know, since I'm going to be 29 forever. 

Since giving is better than receiving, I decided to give y'all the gift of fashion in the best way I can: a $100 gift card to my boutique, Molly Suzanne!

This week, there will be tons of new arrivals for the fall and holiday season. After a little weekend photo shoot, here's a sneak peek of what's to come!

Thank you all for your support on this endeavor of mine. I'm having so much fun picking out pieces that I think y'all will love, too! Make sure you follow Molly Suzannes on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to stay up on all the new arrivals and sales! 

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On another note, one my fab blogger friends, and Birthday twin, Heather is launching her new blog today. Go visit her at My Life Well Loved!

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Clean Overnight Oats {Recipe}

Keeping with my quick breakfast kick, I've been making a lot of overnight oats. It's perfect to give to the hubs on the way out the door and it's full of fiber. I've tried several combos, but this one is both mine and the hubs favorite. 

 photo 141bdf56-5d5c-4711-a557-ed9b3917c38a_zps1cbfcdcc.jpg

1/2 cup uncooked rolled oats
1/2 cup plain greek yogurt
1/3 cup ground flax
1/3 cup milk (I use oat or almond)
2 Tbsp honey, or to taste
1/3 cup berries

Put everything in a mason jar, shake it up, (you can just stir, but that's not really fun) then put in the refrigerator overnight. The next morning, you'll have a fiber-filled breakfast that's ready as you fly out the door! 

I love the way I feel eating clean and I love how eMeals helps me stay on track. Their clean plan is just one of the many available and at around $5 a month, you just can't beat the price. You'll save on your grocery bills and eating out cost when you have a meal plan! Right now, you can save 15% on all Meal Plans with code HOLIDAYVisit eMeals and sign up today! 


Oh, Two-dles Mickey Party!

Oh Two-dles Mickey Mouse Birthday Party via Stilettos and Diapers

If there is one thing I seriously love, it's throwing a good party. I've been over the top with all my boy's parties (Mustache BashNinja TurtlesCars and Toy Story) so far and I was feeling really bad about my lack of plans leading up to Callan's 2nd Birthday. I felt a bit crippled, since we are in our temporary apartment and I have none of my crafty stuff here. It's killing me not to hot glue things. 

I decided I would give it my best shot and just make the party as good as I could and be happy with it. He's 2 for goodness sake. The result of  just a little work was quite fantastic. I made simple Mickey plates and Mickey pops and outsourced the rest. Target napkins, table cloth and Mickey ears, an adorable ProjectPaper tissue garland and a monogrammed tee from Etsy. 
Oh Two-dles Mickey Mouse Birthday Party via Stilettos and Diapers
Christina of ProjectPaper made this tassel garland for me and it was the piece that made everything come to life. It's actually still hanging in the kitchen, because I like is so much. It came carefully wrapped and so perfect. Check out her fun holiday garland right now. Lots of sparkle! 
Oh Two-dles Mickey Mouse Birthday Party via Stilettos and Diapers
These plates were so easy. I bought 2 pieces of black foam board from hobby lobby, traced small bowls and cut out the circles with an exacto knife. Glued them on the edge of plain black plates with tacky glue and voila. 
Oh Two-dles Mickey Mouse Birthday Party via Stilettos and Diapers
Cake a la Target. All the adults agreed it wasn't the tastiest ever, but it was cute and made a certain 2 year old really happy. 
Oh Two-dles Mickey Mouse Birthday Party via Stilettos and Diapers
Oh Two-dles Mickey Mouse Birthday Party via Stilettos and Diapers
Those silly ear headbands were from Walmart. I think they were $3 for a 4 pack. 
Oh Two-dles Mickey Mouse Birthday Party via Stilettos and Diapers Oh Two-dles Mickey Mouse Birthday Party via Stilettos and Diapers
We got Cal a balance bike, which he is loving! How cool are those things? He is driving it around this apartment like a mad man!
Oh Two-dles Mickey Mouse Birthday Party via Stilettos and Diapers
I ordered the monogrammed shirt from The Chartreuse Giraffe. I didn't want something overly Birthday so he can wear it to Disney next year!
Oh Two-dles Mickey Mouse Birthday Party via Stilettos and Diapers
The Mickey pops (which are about to be attacked in the picture below) weren't perfect, but so cute. You dip the bottom half of an Oreo in red candy melts and stick a stick in the bottom. Melt just a few black candy melts, then dip whole melts in halfway, before sticking in as "ears". Use squirt icing to make buttons on the front. 
Oh Two-dles Mickey Mouse Birthday Party via Stilettos and Diapers

And that's a wrap! It was fun, simple and most of all, low stress. I'm all about the Pinterest perfect party, but I think this one will go down in the memory books, just as perfect! 
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