Stilettos and Diapers: Weekend Rewind


Weekend Rewind

We had a particularly great weekend. It started without any plans, which typically end up being my favorite kind of weekends. 
1. Finally decided on our hardwood for the house. We originally picked the one on the left, but after the builder had some issues with it, we changed to the sample on the right. I think I may like it better, too. 

2. We got to listen to an entire church service since Callan sleep on Daddy the whole time. I think he decided he'd rather sleep than go in the nursery, which was his fate otherwise. 

3. We got to go on a date night! This is a pretty rare event. It was our 3rd time ever paying a babysitter. We tend to be pretty terrified to leave our kids with anyone but family, but we did it and had a great time. We ate dinner on the patio of an amazing restaurant that doesn't have a freezer (everything is fresh!), followed by a stop at a wine bar. All together we went 5 miles away. 
The boys carved our first pumpkin this season! The hubs always lets Cooper pick out a pattern and he carves is. It seems like a ton of work, so I just take pictures. Wreck it Ralph turned out great, although, he's already sinking in a bit. How do you keep those things from going bad? 
Our house is kind of house-like! We have framed walls, a roof, stairs and an island! It was so much fun being in there. The hubs wrote scripture in the foyer and Cooper wrote everyones names in their rooms. I'm getting so excited about it being finished! 
I did a huge clean out/inventory/organizing for my boutique, Molly Suzanne, last week.  In preparation of lots of new arrivals for the holidays, we had a major clearance sale this weekend. The sale has been extended through tonight, so if you haven't taken a look, go now! 

Side note, I have several amazing giveaways here ending soon that you need to go enter. You can win a 16GB Mini Tablet from Citi, a $100 Visa Gift card from Tide, a $50 Visa Gift card and Monster's University gift pack from Disney, and a pair of candy colored Monster Headphones. Check each of these awesome giveaways out! Hello, Christmas gifts!


  1. Looks like a fun weekend, friend!!

  2. um. your house!!!!! eeeeeee! i squee. i absolutely love that your boys get to see the progress of it being built, how fun is that!
    glad you n the hubs got to escape for a bit - you deserve it mama!

  3. That floor is gorgeous! The part of me that is still trying to sell my house (four months later) is super jealous. So may I please live vicariously through the occasional pictures of your house? ;)


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