Stilettos and Diapers: End of Summer Instafashion


End of Summer Instafashion

Realized 2 things in prepping this #WhatMollyWore post, which happens to be running very behind! 

1. I didn't take nearly enough pics at the beach. I was tan, man! 

2. I love black and white. Like, obsessed. Hope y'all don't become too bored with fashion post this fall! 

I have learned that traveling in anything more than workout clothes is straight up crazy. Just be a slob kabob. You'll feel good. 
Shorts | Tee - Nike Half 2013 | Shoes

The beach and all the tan-ness. Wearing a dress that may as well be pi's because it's so comfy.

Church get-up.  

Fun at the museum with the boys. 

Back at our house in Virginia. Not ready to leave, wearing puffy cry eyes. 
Top | Shorts - Sisters!

Begging summer not to go. Wearing cutoffs in September. 
Shorts | Tank (old) | Sandals

Missing my boy while he was at school. Wearing his favorite shoes of mine "because they're a boy color". 

Usually Monday has me all out of sorts and not quite myself. Today, I woke up at 5:30, got everyone breakfast, took Cooper to school, ran 3 miles, worked legs, was super productive on the internets, got Callan down for a nap and am just about to eat lunch. Take that Monday! 


  1. you have this monday thing DOWN! you are super mom. and i love the outfits, as usual :)

  2. Umm. that chevron dress with those shoes?? I die!!


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