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Closet Filling: Fall Gimmes

There is so much I love about the trends this fall. Black and white. Royal blue. Really fun prints. Here's a list of things I'd love to shove in my closet right now. I'm sure a few of them will actually make their way in...and a couple are of the Birthday request variety. hint, hint, hubs.

Make sure you scroll over with the little arrow on the right. 
I really need more places to wear dresses, because I'm IN LOVE with the ones up there! See anything that's a must have for your fall closet? 


  1. Quit showing me pretties!! I want them all!!!

  2. I really want a pair of Hunter rain boots, too. Love that color.

  3. Have you ordered from Dorthy Perkins before? I have seen a lot of their dresses pinned and they are so cute, but I have been afraid to actually order one.

  4. I'm dying over those camo pants and the express sweater. I've scooped up a couple of pairs of really cute boots (for cheap) at Kohl's this season, and I can't get enough sweaters (even though it's still 80 degrees here).

  5. i love fall clothes, the feeling of bundling up a bit more putting on layers now only if the weather would cooperate and actually give me fall weather rather than the extended summer we always get in CA

  6. The skirt in the bottom left is LOVELY!


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