Stilettos and Diapers: Currently



We're at our house in Virginia. Things are being packed and moved all around us. I keep shuffling the boys from room to room, trying to stay out of the way. It's amazing and awesome that I don't have to pack the stuff. The hassle of kid chasing and answering everyone's questions about what goes where, when and how is nothing compared to packing all this stuff alone. I'm so glad the Hubs' work is taking care of all of it, otherwise, my booty probably wouldn't be moving.

I've realized I need to go through my clothes. When I walked into my room last night, I realized that the amount of stuff in my closet is completely overkill. The boxes of just my stuff are lining an entire wall. There will be some serious purging once we move in!

It's hard seeing all these empty rooms and even harder explaining to Cooper why the guys are taking all our stuff. I will be so happy next time I see the big truck pull up in front of our house!

12 weeks...I can do anything for 12 weeks, right?!


  1. Hopefully these 12 weeks will go fast!!

  2. I love Virginia! I was born there and still have family in Virginia Beach and Norfolk. Love the houses there :) happy moving time! It will be over before you know it.


  3. Hope your move goes well! I love following your move. Hope the boys do ok with everything this weekend!

  4. 12 weeks will be here before you know it! I'm purging NOW, so if we ever move again it won't be anything like the last time. ha!

  5. Good Luck with everything! have you guys found a new house already or will you guys rent? Fill us innnnnn :)


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