Stilettos and Diapers: Army Stripe {A Fashion Post}


Army Stripe {A Fashion Post}

Stilettos and Diapers: Striped dress, military jacket, boots

 photo file_zpsa47977a5.jpg  photo 4924264d-6821-41d5-8696-0dc81752be85_zps786ca063.jpg  photo 2670086e-5964-4032-bbab-5ed705983c9f_zps676df9b3.jpg  photo f5d9d67a-f334-4ab7-a6ea-62d75ac897a8_zps7e90d511.jpg  photo 7d973ddc-0c15-47ff-8cca-d6b8365e84ed_zpsa11bd5fd.jpg  photo 1eee24bd-4206-4b7e-811a-b806b2de54fd_zps0023bc92.jpg  photo 0e5af363-96aa-4220-aab2-6f2a7ff16dcd_zpsb87c1235.jpg

If I ever ask Cooper what I should wear, he always picks this dress. I'm really not sure why, but he thinks I look beautiful in the $12.95, comfy as all getup, dress. When he pulled it out and asked me to wear it over the weekend, I knew I had to improvise since it was getting chilly out.

The trail and lake in our backyard has been so much fun for walking with the boys and beer sipping with the hubs. We are trying hard to find time to enjoy being all together even though everything is so busy lately.

Lastly. That bracelet on my left arm? It's probably the most amazing thing ever. It's basically half ponytail holder, half gold link bracelet. As someone that never leaves the house without a hair tie on my wrist, I'm completely in love. They'll be available in my shop later this week! 


  1. Cooper has really good fashion sense then because that dress looks good on you, especially paired with the boots and jacket.

  2. Girl, you are just absolutely stunning in every way. :) I love this look and I love your smile! XO!

  3. You are so flipping pretty! Seriously. I love the one of you jumping... it's classic Molly!! I miss you!!

  4. I love this look! Its tough yet girly! Love the cargo jacket and stripes. Black and white are so in right now. And your hair is amaze!!



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