Stilettos and Diapers: A Little {Fashion Post}


A Little {Fashion Post}

If there is one thing this kid loves, it's being in front of the camera. I'll let the pics speak for themselves. 
 photo 23f5e812-1837-4b0d-b615-6f25449f99ec_zps391a9455.jpg  photo a7c6c7c6-41fd-4a7b-af2b-a9aea8e704cf_zpsf21499eb.jpg

 photo file_zpsc7515e73.jpg  photo 78f816e4-7861-4079-ad4f-9f2154834b92_zps027a3424.jpg  photo file_zpsf3848e5d.jpg  photo c3b4f0f4-1231-41b5-9a89-a7519889205f_zpsf0c0a635.jpg
This look is from the great people of FabKids. Sister to my most favorite shoe store eva, JustFab, FabKids sells complete looks at 1 price to make shopping simple. 

The sunglasses, those are from Chuck-E-Cheese. We went over the weekend to celebrate Cooper finishing his first whole week of school. He chose these glasses as a prize for all his tickets. So essentially they cost us a few hours of the hubs and I trying to outsmart the kid games and $30. A little overpriced, if you ask me. 

School is going awesome for my little man. I'm still having a hard time letting him go each morning, but he is doing such a great job. He has a couple little friends, a girl he wants to buy candy for and got the highest grade in his first week math assessment. Proud mama right here! 

Linking up with Modern Camelot for Trendy Tot Tuesday. Yes, on a Wednesday. That's how I do it. 


  1. I can't get enough of him - he knows how to work the camera! Such a cute kid and I LOVE the picture with the glasses on the booty...LOL!

  2. OMG- he is too cute. I love the shirt. The socks are exactly C's thing. And the glasses on the tush crack me up.

  3. Oh my goodness!!! He is too awesome!! I love that he takes these with you! :) Such a cutie.

  4. A girl he wants to buy candy for?! Oh my!! He's adorable. The glasses on the butt? You're gonna have your hands full, girlfriend! haha

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