Stilettos and Diapers: Well, it's about time!


Well, it's about time!

Have you heard? H&M is now finally offering online shopping in the US! I am so excited because there isn't one in Charlotte right now! I just got my first order in the mail. I got a few of these pieces and there are a couple others I need to grab! Apparently, this is going to be the season of black and white for me! 

Loose fit pants - $24.95

Dress - $39.95

Burnout top - $5.95

Knitted dress - $34.95 

Oversized top - $12.95

To kick off their newly available online shopping, H&M is having an Instagram contest and I need your vote! Up for grabs are lots of H&M gift cards and a grand prize of a trip to NYC for fashion week. OhMyGahhhhhh. So head here and vote, pretty please! I am entered in my new state of North Carolina, or you can search for me using my instagram name, stilettodiapers. Just click on my pic. It's this one of me in my favorite H&M top!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! (That is an advance thanks for all the votes you're going to get in for me between now and August 21, when the contest ends. hehe.) Y'all are awesome! 


  1. i am totally stoked to be able to shop H&M online now!

  2. Now that I know, I will totally vote every day (as long as I remember) ;) Love that top on you! And that knitted dress is so pretty!

  3. Been voting daily! :) Excited to shop online now!

  4. I am the BIGGEST fan of this news as well. we don't have an H&M in Omaha yet, so this just saved me having to drive to Kansas City or Mnpls to get some of my fave pieces. Voted...hope you win! NYC for fashion week would be pretty fab!


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