Stilettos and Diapers: Tribal Pop {A Fashion Post}


Tribal Pop {A Fashion Post}

Top | Leggings | Shoes c/o | Bag c/o | Necklace | Lips

I put this outfit on the other night before I took Cal to the doctor. It's super comfy and I wanted to have him all snuggled up. The hubs looked at me and said "you're wearing the most ridiculous outfit in all the world to the hospital?" Oh men. I changed into gym clothes and saved this outfit for today, so I can embarrass the hubs when I meet up with him after work. Muahaha. 

I had to buy a few basic pieces to hold me over until we get back to Virginia in a couple weeks and I can get more of my clothes. I can't believe how cool it's getting here! It's 63 degrees right now and only supposed to be a high of 66 tomorrow. Where did summer go all of a sudden?! I'm mourning the gradual loss of my sweet beach tan, but I guess if I'm already covering it all up, it doesn't matter so much. These shoes are 1 of 2 pairs of closed toes I have here. I was packing thinking of the beach, so all I brought was flip flops and sandals!

I'm so excited for the weekend! We have plans to do some serious Charlotte exploring, go to the movies with the boys and do a little more back to school shopping. Oh and speaking of shopping, GAP is having a huge sale through tomorrow. You can take and extra 50% off clearance stuff using the code GAPSALE. I grabbed some good stuff for the hubs since they sell tall sizes online! 

Happy Friday, y'all! 

I will quit bugging y'all to vote for me in H&M's 50 states of fashion contest in 5 days. But until then, help a girl out, pretty please! Click here, then click the vote button in the center of the picture and that's it! (You don't have to subscribe to the newsletter to vote!) Thank you!!! 


  1. My hubs is the same. There are just some outfits that I wear that he doesn't like. LOL! You look great and I love the outfit!! Happy weekend!

  2. You are too cute. I envy your wardrobe.

  3. I LOVE this outfit, even the goldflats! It def. looks comfy, I would totally wear this out!

  4. Bahaha he cracks me up! I love that top. And I voted :)

  5. I'm kind of enjoying the cooler weather. It was super hot in June and pretty much rained all of July. We are very much looking to fall when it's not too cold but not to hot here. Have fun exploring! Lots to see and do here.

  6. First of all i just want to say you are looking gorgeous and sexy. I like your wardrobe a lot basically your necklace a lot. Tribal outfit is the latest fashion craze so your tribal outfit is superb and you are going to be a fashion buff among different fashion enthusiasts.
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