Stilettos and Diapers: On life in North Carolina.


On life in North Carolina.

We've now been in Charlotte for 10 days. We've found a pile of awesome parks and nailed a total winner Chinese take out restaurant on the first attempt. Our lot is cleared and construction is about to kick off. This are going great. 

I have learned some new things since living here. 

North Carolina humidity is bad. Really bad. My hair never looks good anymore. 

The temperatures are low, though. I will be wearing shorts and a bed sheet as a cardigan until we get back to VA to get winter clothes. 

Pine straw is really slippery. Don't try to walk downhill on it in heels.

What Charlotte-ians call traffic is nothing more than a relaxing ride. The "horrific" traffic down the highway? Yeah, it's 90 minutes less than DC, so I think we'll deal. 

Rented furnished apartments don't come equipped for someone who cooks every night. 4 pots and 1 small pyrex dish? Not exactly going to cut it. Not to mention my leftovers are all in ziplock bags. 

Speaking of apartments, I forgot how loud neighbors above you can be. I think ours must be training elephants up there. 

But, the noise can be overlooked with this view in the backyard. 

Charlotte's downtown, which is called Uptown, is the Seriously. It's like a big city in a small package. With $5 parking. Amaze

Harris Teeter is actually great. No one can beat Wegmans, like ever, but if I can get over my grocery budget having to go up by about a 1/3, I think I'll be able to survive. 

Charlotte is hippie central. Never have I seen so many people all boho and cool. I'm jealous in a way, then I remember I've never been to a thrift store and I realize I don't fit in at all. 

People here are super nice. I've talked to everyone, everywhere. There isn't a time I go out that someone doesn't go out of their way to talk to me and it's lovely. Also? People don't seem to cast those laser judgment eyes when my kids scream in the grocery store. Thanks, y'all. 

I like saying y'all again. Like all the time without feeling weird. It's only been 10 days, but I already feel my southern twang creeping back a bit. It's awesome. 

I'm really excited to be a Carolinian. 


  1. I could never live somewhere where my everyday use of Y'ALL wasn't automatically accepted and expected.
    Glad you're getting used to your new home.. can't wait to visit. Maybe this time I'll bring j & your boys can have an even NEW friend of your friend.

  2. Congratulations on the start of your construction.... Is that lake view at your Home or at the apartment, either way BEAUTIFUL! We are transplants to South Carolina by way of Nor Cal and I love the friendly people down here in the south,everyone always wants to talk. HA! Yeah humidty just plan stinks LOL

  3. We live about an hour from Charlotte and this weather is NOT normal! I can't ever remember it being so cool in Augsut, however I kinda love it! I'm sure it want stick around too long! Glad you are enjoying the city! Go check out discovery place with the boys, they will love it! There is also discovery place kids in huntersville that is awesome!

  4. My humidity hair survival trick is called 3 Day Staight. By John Freida. It really works butu have to flat iron it. It lasts until you wash again. I only have time for it once and a while, but it really works to block frizz!

  5. I pretty much love everything about this post. Especially the fact that I'll be seeing you more! :)

  6. Another thing I'll share with you about North Carolina. That red mud? It never comes out. Like, ever. So if you get in on your clothes/shoes? It'll be there forever.

    And yeah. It's humid from March to November, pretty much constantly. I remember in college, we'd go to Myrtle for Spring break in march, and it was ALWAYS beach weather.

    Enjoy the low temps because those kind of temps in August? Only happens once every ten years.

    Charlotte traffic makes me laugh. When my mom and sister complain about it, I giggle Always.

    I'm still jealous that you moved to my happy place. :)

  7. i am so glad you are loving it!
    i knew you would tho :)
    the view is beautiful!

  8. Glad you're loving NC so far :)And yeah this weather isn't really normal... I'm sure it will be super hot again.

  9. Yay for incorporating y'all back into your vocab! That's a win in my book ;)

  10. I went to college in NC and it is such a great state! You will LOVE the winters. And upstairs neighbors suck! My is so loud. She always sounds like she is stomping her feet when she walks. Ugh!! Hope your house gets built fast!!

  11. Is your take out food from a place called Rice Fun??

  12. Check out Lotus (cute clothing botique)in Charlotte I've never been my girlfriend moonlights there after leaving her kindergarten class and has the most fabulous wardrobe. If you get there tell Krista hello!

  13. Glad to hear you're settling in and saying "y'all". It's my favorite word. :)


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