Stilettos and Diapers: Living in a One Room Schoolhouse.


Living in a One Room Schoolhouse.

Last week, I had the pleasure of staying in the master room at the beach house. A room often coveted, it's a massive room with a closet that can double as a nursery. We all slept in there fine and no one woke anyone else up. It was perfect.

Fast forward to this week, the hubs left and my sister arrives with twice as many kids as I have. I go to another room, which is really nice and pretty spacious...until you add all our things.

The room consist of normal room furnishings, an air mattress, pack-n-play and all our earthy belongings necessary for a 5 week trip. Which obviously is about enough to fill an average sized Target.

2 nights ago, I put Callan to sleep in his pack-n-play, just like normal. He goes to sleep very well and falls asleep on his own. After waiting awhile to make sure he's down for the count, I get Cooper ready for bed and head in. 

Only to have Coop freak out because he doesn't want to go to bed and Callan wake up screaming. 

You can imagine how much fun the remainder of the night was. 5:50am greeted me like it has every morning lately, with Callan tapping on the side of the bed saying "mama, get down!" We do a crazy fast bolt from the room so Cooper doesn't wake up, but yesterday it wasn't fast enough. 6am and we're all huddled in the bedroom watching cartoons.

Last night, there was once again screaming from Callan when I took Coop to bed at 8:30. I decided I was too tired to worry about getting everyone settled, so I piled them all in bed and went to sleep with them. 

This whole one room schoolhouse thing sucks. I'm just thanking God that we found a 3 bedroom apartment to live in for the next 3 months. 8 more days and we'll be settling into our temporary home! 


  1. love the new design!! And totally been there. Travelling with two small boys is no fun when you're trying to coordinate sleeping arrangements. I generally would just cave and let everyone sleep in one bed. So much easier.

  2. All sleeping in 1 room is the one thing I dislike about vacation. It's even worse when you are in a 1 room hotel. Everyone must go to bed when the kiddies do and that stinks for Mom & Dad. My husband and I decided that from now on we are spending the extra money to have a bedroom separate from the TV/living space. And yes, thank goodness the kids will each have their own room when you are in your apartment. Holy moly!

  3. I have to agree, sleeping in one room with the whole fam stinks!! :) We just got back from our family vacation. While driving there we had to do two nights in a hotel. It was awful! My little guy goes to bed fairly well but not without a little crying. In a hotel, with two other kiddos, it's a little hard to accomplish bedtime quietly. My husband looked at me while one kid was crying and the other complaining about the crying and says, "Ready to drive home?" :) So glad we stuck it out because the vacation was worth every sleepless night in the hotel!:)


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